Day 127 + 29

Flash Construct

One of the highlights of the whole project is how one meets new people all the time. Today I was delighted to have heard from Nathaniel Persky who sent me this information about his own efforts for refugees. It made me feel very, very humble. Keep up the great work, Nathaniel.

Flash Construct (FC) is a Social Enterprise structured as a multi-faceted consulting firm. Through private investment FC creates a model where private business is the backbone of a humanitarian cause. With this model all parties involved can gain from the end product, enticing more business to participate in this innovative new social enterprise. Humanitarian Development is a key component to creating a better tomorrow.

Refugee camps are temporary models designed to supply the bare minimum in habitat resources to persons in need of a safe environment. Traditional models of humanitarian aid have a high success rate. FC focuses on the small percentage of locations where the traditional models, such as refugee camps, no longer function properly. When referring to refugee camps, FC selects camps that have stagnated for eight years or more. FC defines stagnation as a time when the flow of refugees into and out of the camp has not been sustainable, and where the infrastructure, whether physical or social services, has not been able to properly sustain the population for eight years or more. FC’s initial projects will be the Dadaab Refugee Camps in Northeast Kenya where the benchmark for this model
will be built. Through innovative new operating procedures, solutions can be found to rebuild the lives of refugees and displaced persons. A realist approach is used focusing on the resources and situations at hand, to find immediate solutions to help the refugee causes. FC builds financing for its humanitarian wing through for profit businesses. There is a finite amount of aid monies in the world which FC does not view as a reliable operating constant.

With the proper marriage of public and private sectors involved, a positive outcome for the inhabitants of these areas can be created. A
sustainable life cycle of betterment though motivational driven life changes. The key is sustainability. Remove the forced dependency on provided aid for survival. By implementing plans for job creation and bolstering the current education programs Flash Construct will give occupants of its projects the tools to succeed. The key to these platforms are perception catalysts. A perception catalyst is a concept to open the proverbal mind’s eye to a new idea, the concept of attainment through motivation. The adults can be given the potential to attain jobs, the motivational hunger to drive and succeed. Through these steps the inhabitants of their areas can reach out and better their own lives, buying and building solid roofs above their heads, providing food for themselves and their family, the empowerment of a community. Through these steps FC will to create a positive and sustainable life cycle.”


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  • Hi Steve, I am very pleased to see that you have connected with Nathaniel from Flash Construct LLC after several conversations I have had with him over the past two weeks. Nathaniel is a great guy who has massive humanitarian concerns for creating a better infrastructure for the hundreds of thousands of refugees who are living an existance within enclosed compounds throughout Africa. I have spoken with him about GlowMark and he is very interested to use them as a cost effective solution and alternative to high cost electrical lighting which is needed for security purposes and to improve safety of a night time for the occupants. Nathaniel agrees that massive amounts of mone can effectivly be saved on continual rising costs of electricity from purchasing and installing Glowmark products which would further enable governments and funding organizations to spend the money saved on constructing low cost pre-fabricated buildings and accomodation so the refugees can have an improved standard of life as opposed to living in tents. Nathaniel is targeting the worst refugee camps throughout Africa and is striving to raise standards and quality of life for deprived human beings who currently have no quality of life and little hope for a better future. If we all work together as one in Synergy I am certain we can collectivly initiate many things that can help achieve and raise the bar on improving life for the occupants, many of which have been born in these places and have no concept of life outside of a contained environment. You are doing a great thing Nathaniel and big respect from everyone within the Synergymc2 Network. I am searching for and I am discussing ways to help and assist you in your endeavours as I write. What we do today can help to change tomorrows world and the future for these strickened human beings. Love & Light to you and everyone from Andrew.

  • Steve Hall:

    I am very pleased with the introduction to Nathaniel and have already introduced him to Bjørn. Synergy, indeed

  • Synergymc2 Network and Flash Construct LLC will use GlowMark Tactical
    Safety Marker System as a low cost alternative to expensive
    installations of electric lighting to raise the bar on safety &
    security in refugee camps throughout Africa. We believe that by
    crystalizing a synergy between our companies and using GlowMark…, the
    money which will be saved from much needed funding and donations will
    enable more money to be allocated to provide for construction of
    pre-fabricated buildings which are greatly needed; and will further
    enable refugee camp occupants to move out of tents and into a better
    living environment. Please view this link and you will clearly see why
    we will synergize and work together as one for the benefit of ethical
    humanitarian issues. Pass this forward to all of your friends and
    network members. Thank you all.

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