Day 127 +25

Bjørn On Tour

As some of you know from Bjørn’s English site he is out on tour at the moment. The big TV charity event of the year is next week (think Red Nose Day in the snow!) and Bjørn is very actively involved. He is taking the shirt on tour of many of the top grounds and today he is in Skien for the Odd-Viking game. (An interesting fact is that the home team have ALWAYS won when he has been present with the shirt! VIF, Brann, Viking, Haugesund)

(Edit day 127+26 Yes, Odd Grenland won too! He’s a talisman!)

In fact it is not the “whole” shirt as even this model with just 600 shirts weighs over 300 kilos and needs 15 strong people to manoeuvre it! Enjoy the day, Bjørn, and let’s hope you keep bringing luck to the home side. If you carry on like that you’ll end up at Anfield.

If any of you want the shirt to be presented at your club or want Bjørn to give a talk about any aspect of the project please do not hesitate to get in touch with him through this site or through Bjørn’s English site.

Photo kind permission of TA.


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