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Prisoner of the Road

Bjørn has been very busy over the past few weeks promoting the annual TV auction in Norway. This takes place this weekend and I guess the nearest UK equivalent is “Red Nose Day”. Whatever, it is a huge event in the Norwegian calendar and I know Bjørn is delighted to be so involved. The official song for the 2010 TV Auction is “Prisoner of the Road” which was written and sung by Sivert Høyem.
Prisoner of the Road

Prisoner of the Road (3:46 min)


Den Norske Skolen i Rojales (The Norwegian School in Rojales, Spain) were fantastic hosts to Bjørn as he cycled through Spain last year and with the support of Einar Lerheim and his colleagues, the pupils have continued to follow Bjørn. Bjørn gave an excellent presentation to the entire school and he was warmly received at the school where the pupils are mainly taught in Norwegian. Yes, under the Spanish sun, there is a little bit of Norway with Scandinavian blonds, lilts from Tromsø and Trondheim, Tønsberg and Torp …and everywhere in between. There are photos of brunost and Hardanger, Holmenkollen and Jotunheimen…………….and the Norwegian flag much in sight. Forever, Norway! Ja, jeg elsker dette landet!

Anyway, today Einar has kindly forwarded a “Good Luck” letter from the pupils and staff to Bjørn. They have also sent their new school photo. Thanks to all of you. Takk for flott initiativ. Mange takk. As I know this thread attracts Norwegian readers and because the children deserve their work to be enjoyed in the original Norwegian, I have added it unedited. My translation might not pass the teachers’ approbation! Jeg ber om unnskyldning.

Vi vil gjerne få sende deg en hilsen i forbindelse med årets tv-aksjon. Husker du bilde vi tok sammen da du besøkte oss i Rojales i fjor? I år har vi laget et nytt skolebilde med symbolet for Flyktningehjelpen.
Håper du liker det. Symbolet er enkelt og innholdsrik, noe vi alle kan forstå og sette oss inn i.
Du vil alltid bli husket som ”sykkelmannen” med de gode historiene, og med et stort hjerte og engasjement.
Vi har allerede begynt å digge årets låt for tv-aksjonen, ”Prisoners of the road”, sterk låt…..
Håper du har det bare bra, og at det blir et kjemperesultat for årets tv-aksjon.
Lykke til videre, kanskje våre veier krysses igjen.
Stooore klemmer og varme tanker fra
Elever og lærer på DNSR.

Hi Bjørn
We wanted to send you these greetings for this year’s TV Auction. Do you remember the photo we took together when you visited us in Rojales last year? This year we have a new photo with the symbol for Refugee Aid. We hope you like it. The symbol is simple and xxxxx Something we can all understand and get behind.
You will always be remembered as “the cycle man” with your great stories, your big heart and commitment,
We have already started to digg this year’s song for the TV event, “Prisoners of the road” Powerful song.
Hope all is good and that there’s a fantastic result for this year’s event.
Good luck for the future …and perhaps our paths will cross.
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hugs and kind thoughts from
Pupils and staff at DNSR

xxxxx ….aggggh! A typical Norwegian word and pretty impossible to translate as just one word. Think, “comprehensive, all-inclusive, many-faceted” and with the implication of “correct”.


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