Day 106

“Down to the Brighton, where it’s hot” (The Kinks?)

I wake in the shadow of Fratton Park and know it’s going to be a “long one”

Brighton here I come!


4 Responses to “Day 106”

  • Hey Steve – hope the HOT is what you welcomed and not resisted. Why is Brighton hotter than Fratton Park?


    Oh BTW, Happy 90210 Day!
    iZigg – Go Where the Eyes Are

  • Janice Westfall:

    Hi Steve: Thought of you yesterday as I did water aerobics! I felt like whinging..then thought of you cycling along for SO many miles, and decided to shut up, and, again, count my blessings! Can’t wait to have a nice long chat with you..about refugees and people so much more unfortunate than us, and about where in the heck to live in this strange world. 20 days till we arrive in Spain..but who’s counting?? Hang in there..all the best..Janice

  • Steve Hall:

    Dan, it was a hit from the 70s. It might have been the Kinks but with my zero knowledge of music it probably wasn’t!

  • Steve Hall:

    Hi Janice, Thanks for continuing to follow. It’s appreciated. Sure Spain will be a great success for you. Enjoy!!

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