Day 105

It’s a Game of Two Halves

Fantastic weather – few hills but little luck at the clubs. Longest day ever – Dorchester, Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth almost exactly 90 miles but After more than 3 hours in the cycle there was nobody to see me at Bournemouth and the receptionist showed little interest. 21 hours later the “promised” call still has not been received. Then on to Southampton through the gorgeous New Forest. Lovely afternoon ride but got to the St Marys stadium at 5,30 …..and everybody had gone for the day. To stay or to go? I have to be in Crawley for this evening which is 105 miles from Southampton so I pressed on. I arrived at Fratton Park at 9pm so it was just a quick swing around the ground and into the Etap next door.

Early start today to Brighton and then Crawley so will have to update this post and add photos later.


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