The World’s Most Expensive Link

I am delighted to introduce you to the First Sponsor of the 2014 Digital Tuktuk Tour. How fitting it is that it is an innovative digital company – The World’s Most Expensive Link!

The World’s Most Expensive Link is easy to own.

It simply always goes to the highest bidder. Why not add your link now for as little as a £1?

If you are outbid at anytime and knocked off the top spot you can top up your link to get higher up or back on top.

For example, if somebody put on a link and it was topped up by £1 per week, a second link added 1 year later would need to pay £53 to get above the first link.

Links don’t devalue over time but will get lower in the list if higher value links are added.

If your links falls from the top spot it will still get long term recognition on Hall of Fame

Your link is guaranteed to stay live until at least December 31st 2024.

We encourage all participants to link to from their website.

The site is self-publicising in that the more people that participate the more people know about it.

Every time someone else joins the site they will see your link till at least December 31st 2022.

We send out a monthly newsletter by email to promote the site.

For all businesses who sponsor me for £50 or more, I will add them to the and top them up each month.