Day 91

Real highlight of whole journey. Meet Keith Witney who has done an amazing job in my 20 hours in Hereford.

Firstly he took me to the Blind World Cup which was being held in Hereford and swiftly organised a commemorative shirt. It was the first time I had seen blind men playing football and a truly humbling experience it was. I saw the Colombia versus South Korea game and I was amazed and truly humbled by the quality of the football and the enthusiasm and commitment shown by the players. This really reminded me that there are so many who do not have as easy a life as I do and I am delighted that there are others who are prepared to organise an event which drew teams from all four corners of the globe.

Then, it was a huge dash to share “An Evening with Sir Trevor Brooking and Ray Clemence MBE”. That man Witney again pulled the rabbit out of the hat with two tickets for a superb evening at the Hereford Theatre.

After the event, he showed all his aces and got me a 1-2-1 with these two football legends. I explained what I was doing and why I was doing it and both immediately wished me every success and were delighted to support. Yes, Ray Clemence MBE and Sir Trevor Brooking sign The Shirt. This is a HUGE boost to the journey and I think that nothing could have stopped me cycling a few hundred miles to tell all that night. Fortunately for my little legs that was not necessary and the WWW can get the message out far faster than any Town Crier.

At the theatre, Keith also introduced me to the Mayor of Hereford who again immediately offered to assist and invited me to her chambers the next morning.

Keith, what can I say? A superb effort and if I had your level of support everywhere I went this trip would be a doddle. I am particularly grateful that you got the local press involved. Thanks, friend.

The Team


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