Doing The 92

My name is Steve Hall. I am a Brit who lives in Spain and who loves football.

In 2010 I cycled to all the 92 football league clubs in England and Wales. I set off in May and finished on 23 September 2010. I was met with almost universal kindness, hospitality and friendship.

I had great plans for retracing the route in 2020/2021. Sadly Covid and then a long spell in hospital scuppered my plans. (See ) I will soon announce a new trip.

Please check through the site to learn more about the project, the people involved and how you can also help and get involved.





Rant Of The Day

I was sent the weekly newsletter from FC Barcelona today. I can’t claim to be a supporter as I am a huge fan of Real Madrid but always read the updates.

Today I was pretty appalled to see the price of the match shirts for this week’s El Clásico. (The biggest game in the Spanish calendar – a Real Madrid v Bracelona fixture.) Tragically because of Covid it will again be behind closed doors
but the eyes of Spain and much of the football world will be on the match.

145 euros for the adult shirt and 70 euros for the kid’s shirt. That is approx. £125 and £60 at today’s exchange rates. Am I alone in thinking that is an obscenity (un abuso in Spanish)?

Everyone makes their own choice what they spend their money on but, from my personal point of view that pricce cannot be justified!

Rant over – enjoy the game!

145 euros – ouch!

Partisan Prague

Partisan Prague Football Club

As I plan my next trip (cycle/tuktuk/train?), my mind wanders more and more to Central and Eastern Europe. Poland, Czechia, Hungary and the Ukraine all beckon. So, by chance, I came across this interesting story about an expat/immigrant team in Prague. I contacted them and said they had a history worth sharing and they tweeted back that they would be happy for a blog in TheShirt2010. As many of you know, I have been an expat/immigrant for much of my adult life and the short history of PPFC reminds me of my own Deportivo Galicia in London. If you are involved with an expat side anywhere in the world please feel free to make contact and I will be happy to highlight you!

The story so far ….”So here it is… It all started in 2000 when an Irishman – named Gerry Keaty – wanted to give ex-pats a chance to have a kick about in Prague (and have a beer afterwards). It started out as a 3v3 format, played in a basketball gym in the city. By 2001 a few more players joined and it became a 6v6 format. In 2002 there were enough players to form an 11-a-side team and PPFC was born! From 2002 – 2009 the club operated as a “friendly” club. Just playing against stag-dos, village teams and basically anyone who fancied a match and a beer. Then in 2009 the Prague Ex-Pat league began. From 2009-2012 the ex-pat league went from strength to strength. But, with only 6 teams PPFC wanted more of a challenge. So… the club entered the official Czech Football League pyramid.

Despite having no budget, the club achieved promotion in its second season season, powered by goals from Federico “Fede” Arcomone. This little Italian was magic. Without doubt one of the best players to pull on the shirt and key to our early success. In December 2014, just after winning “Player of the Year”, Fede Arcomone tragically passed away. The club was devastated and still have his name on our bench every game!

2014/15 season and now things get crazy… despite the club doing well on the pitch, off the pitch things take a serious turn. The club’s treasurer had been stealing money and had not paid any of the outstanding bills (pitch hire, kit, balls etc.) He then did a runner. Due to this, the club was relegated back to the bottom of the pyramid. 16/17 the club achieves promotion, back to the 8th tier. Then in 19/20 PPFC are promoted to the 7th tier. The only ex-pat team to ever reach this level.

….and now in the 20/21 season we have an A Team who are sitting top of the league and a new B Team playing in the 9th tier. No owner, no money, just an amazing group of lads and a love of the game! Gerry Keaty had no idea…
RIP Fede”

2020 – 2021 New Kit

For more information follow them on Twitter or Facebook. As you can see, they have had some cracking shirts and I am looking forward to seeing them in real life. When I am in Prague, I will look in. I am assured I will be welcome and I am sure you will be well treated too.


Virtual 10KM

A Shirt Of Beauty

Well, this one is a bit different! Facebook threw a sponsored post in front of me and for the first time in living memory, I checked it out. The only reason I increased Zuckerberg’s wealth is because I saw a gorgeous shirt. I clicked through to read about a Virtual 10KM event that looked fun …… especially with the magnificent shirt.

Their website says, “The run of the year! Get your original Guinness World Records certificate and medal! On 19th September we start the official world record attempt of the most virtual 10km /6.2 mi runs within 24 hours and you can participate!This is an official Guinness World Records certified run!”

This is how it works:

1. you can run anywhere in the world.

2. if you feel like it, join our exclusive running group on Facebook (optional).

3. on the day of the run, record your run with a running app or watch and upload a screenshot or photo to our running portal.

4. after the run, you will receive your certificate to download and we will send you your medal (if you have added it) within 24 hours.

Sign up for the run HERE with either:
Original Digital Proof of Participation (download after the run) without medal or

Medal Medium (8cm / 3.1in – shipping within 48 hours after the run) 
+ Original Digital Proof of Participation (download after the run)
Medal XL (11cm / 4.3in – shipping within 48 hours after the run)
+ Original Digital Proof of Participation (download after the run)
Proof of Participation and the exclusive medal both hold the official Guinness World Records Attempt Run Logo and are handed out, even if we donot break the record – which we will, for sure :-)”

Virtual 10K Run

So, I registered and will be running to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. 10K may not sound a lot but I am still in hospital (week 19) after a cardiac arrest and still on crutches. I managed about 70 meters this afternoon, so 10K is a genuine challenge for me. No matter, I have five months to move up to this. By my maths, that’s adding about an extra 2k per month. Cracked it!”

Even got my virtual bib!


Terry’s Badges

I had a friendly chat with Terry from Terry’s Badges yesterday. I will be asking him to produce a badge for my next charity ride (Details soonest!) I am always happy to support small businesses and promised to give him a shout out. So whether you want to buy one of the hundreds of different badges he has in stock or want a badge of your favourite club produced, pop by his website and give him a shout.

He says, “

I had a friendly chat with Terry from Terry’s Badges yesterday. I will be asking him to produce a badge for my next charity ride (Details soonest!) I am always happy to support small businesses and promised to give him a shout out. So whether you want to buy one of the hundreds of different badges he has in stock or want a badge of your favourite club produced, pop by his website and give him a shout.

He says, ” Welcome to my Web Site! This site is dedicated to Non-League football badges. 

I have always had a passion for non-league football, as a player, manager and chairman of my local clubs. I enjoyed 21 successful years as a player with Stokenchurch FC, Lane End FC and Beacons Bottom Athletic FC. I also played for the very successful Lane End United FC Sunday side.

I collect English non-league badges plus I have many for sale as you will see on this site! I also design and produce badges for 100’s of Non-League clubs up and down the country. I only use the best enamel and fittings as most of you will testify.

I am a keen AFC WIMBLEDON supporter and attend all home and some away games. I also like to visit loads of non-league grounds. I also design, produce and sell all AFC’s  badges with all the profits from these badges going to AFC! As far as I am aware we are the only club to have a framed set of badges for every season!

If you click my “sales list” you will find the 100’s of badges I have for sale.  If your club/business require a badge please contact me for production details.

If you have any queries please use my “contact” link.



Manchester Phoenix

Manchester Phoenix AFC

Manchester Phoenix AFC

I picked up an interesting story on Twitter last night from a club I knew nothing of – Manchester Phoenix AFC who are raffling off the sponsorship of their magnificent new kits. Yes, I had heard of this before but it was interesting to be involved in a real-time event. There are still a few spots left so if you are interested in getting involved make contact with Zoe Beck, as below.

I contacted Zoe to know more and she sent me a most interesting personal reply.

“Steve, our club Manchester Phoenix AFC was formally known as Old Trafford United FC based in the Greater Manchester Area. I took over the club in October 2020 and decided that I wanted to rebuild the club and become more community focused.

We started on a little field in Sale, Manchester with only 6 players and since I’ve been in charge we now have a First and Second Men’s open age Teams from 18 years up and the club has currently around 80 members made up of players and volunteers. We have this year partnered up with an amazing community based charity known as 0161 community who promote a strong, unified Mancunian working class identity – people of all backgrounds uniting to take control of their neighbourhoods. They seek to empower the unheard and provide youth with skills, guidance and confidence. They have two hubs where they provide sanitary products, clothes, food and toys for children. They also provide free activities for kids such as Boxing, Art, Football and music.

So throughout this year we will be fundraising and raising as much awareness for them. As Chairlady if you had told me this time last year I would be running a football club, I would most probably have laughed, but it really is the most enjoyable experience. The buzz of being at the side of the pitch is like a experience I can’t explain.  It has its ups and downs but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have a great team behind me in the form of President and First Team Manager Nigel, Club Secretary Tom and Vice Secretary CJ and Second Team Manager Grant and his assistant manager Aaron. And my players are not just my players they’re like my sons and whilst I’m chair I’m going to do my very best for them, as they do for me when they step out into the pitch.”

If this resonates with you, please contact Zoe and who knows for just £25 you could be the shirt sponsor in just the same way Carling and Guinness, Sharp and Chevrolet have been. Good Luck! I have also been asked to give a BIG shout out for GripActive who have been a great partner and have designed and produced this stunning kit.

Facebook: @manphoenixafc
Twitter: manphoenix_afc
Instagram: manchesterphoenixafc


R.I.P. Frank Worthington

I am sad to announce the death of one of the game’s Great Entertainers, Frank Worthington (b.23/11/48, Halifax)

I wrote a blog about Frank back in September 2020 prompted by an email from his daughter,Kim. The overwhelming response to a previous Facebook forum post by me about Frank was that he was uniquely loved by everybody in football. I span a few of the anecdotes and memories into an article and forwarded it to Kim hoping it would give his family some joy. I am devasted to now write after his death.

All the Facebook fan forums and all the Twitter threads have a common theme today. Frank was a man loved by every football fan. Even the supporters of his opponents have been rich in their praise. This is almost unheard of. I have read literally hundreds and hundreds of posts in the last 24 hours. Without exception, every single fan has hailed him as a legendary player, a great entertainer and someone who could single-handedly make an unexceptional game magical. Hundreds have lamented his lack of England caps, his lack of medals in Europe and, perhaps the greatest compliment ever, “Oh, if only he had played for us. We’d have won everything.” Manchester United and Liverpool fans wince when they realise just how close they were to signing him. Leicester, Birmingham City and Bolton fans recall goal after goal, anecdote after anecdote. Sunderland and Southampton fans remember his successful stints whilst Huddersfield fans all remember knowing that the precocious kid was indeed going to be a star.

It is invidious to quote just a few of the many tributes but I especially liked these. All are quoted with permission:
“I attended a charity dinner in Northern Ireland when Frank was guest speaker. He told about playing against Tommy Smith (Liverpool) when he beat Tommy on the outside, beat him in on the inside, did a drag back, then nutmegged him and crossed the ball to his teammate who scored!!!!Tommy chased Frank back to the halfway line for the centre, roaring his head off shouting to Frank, “If you try that again I’ll break you in pieces and stamp on whatever’s left over. You’re not going to leave this place alive!!!”
Frank shouted to the ref, “Ref, ref, did you hear that??” The ref said, “I think Tommy was talking to you Frank!”
Ian Getty, Ballymena Utd fan and a real fan of all football nostalgia!

“About 5 or 6 years ago I was sat in a pub in Meriden and sitting a table away from me was Frank Worthington. I said to my wife, “He scored one of the best goals I’ve ever seen.” So my wife said, ” Go and tell him.” So I did. Immediately Frank jumped and said, “Shall I talk you through it?” And he then demonstrated what he did in the middle of the bar using me as the defender. We had a 10 minute chat about old footy and he was so eager to talk .When he asked me who I supported and I said Coventry , he said “You lot always gave me some stick but so did everyone else but I loved it.” Only a few weeks later his daughter announced he was was suffering with Alzheimers but you would never have known . Of course Frank denied it …
Claudio Cardellino, Coventry City and football fanatic.

If anybody else has tributes that they would like added, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frank Worthington, The Great Entertainer, R.I.P


For The Terraces

Welcome to For The Terraces.

We capture you most iconic sporting memories and embroider them onto premium crew neck tees. We provide you, the most dedicated sporting fans, with a minimalistic clothing design that allows you to show off your favourite team or sporting memory. Whether it’s on the terraces for a matchday, at the pub after your game at the weekend, or out for dinner with the other half, we’ve got you covered with a stylish, comfortable and timeless tee for all occasions.

For The Terraces was founded at the beginning of 2021. We have always had a passion for sports. Win, lose or draw, we’ll be there, cheering on our favourite team! And we’ve always wanted to combine that passion for sports with our other passion in life; fashion and retail. And with that, For The Terraces were born. 

Since then, we have created over 50 unique sporting designs. Our tee’s capture the most iconic celebrations, the infamous match winning moments, and the cult heroes who earn legendary status with the fans. 

All of our tee’s a manufactured with natural organic cotton making them both soft and durable. Each tee is finished with an intricate embroidered design to bring your sporting memory to life. We believe in sustainable fashion, and that’s why all of our products are manufactured using low-impact raw materials in specialist facilitates powered by renewable energy sources.

Come and recapture your favourite iconic sporting memory!

@ForTheTerraces |


Old Pepys Away Kit

I got a nice post from Ben at Old Pepys Veterans yesterday. He is very excited about their new 2nd kit. I got a sneak view of the design. Oh, what a beauty. An absolute beauty.

He said, “Our brand new away kit has been designed and is currently in the process of being produced ready for the return of football. We cannot wait to be out on the pitch in these beauties from EV2 Sportswear. Thank you to our club sponsor and partner The Dog & Bell in Deptford.” 


London’s Fields

London’s Fields: An Intimate History of London Football Fandom celebrates the turbulent rivalries, local antagonisms and even, on occasion, the fraternal harmonies held in common by the supporters of the capital’s many professional football teams.

The us and them dichotomy of a local derby is told here through the voices of us, the fans. In a one-club town or city your choice of team would appear to be simple. However, in a city with a dozen clubs the choice is less straightforward. London is a place of constant flux and change; it’s diasporic nature may have taken people far from their ancestral heartlands but the football clubs that remain there have, in a sense, travelled with them – local bragging rights and capital gains remain just as important.

The author’s upbringing was steeped in football, he has played and coached the game; written on it and worked in it. His less than conventional path to choosing his own team forms the foundation upon which the stories of other fans are richly rendered.

To contact the author or to purchase the book: or Twitter (@LondonsFields).
Order through Amazon, Waterstones, Hive and WH Smith’s


Brilliant Sponsors

East Kent School and Workwear Centre

I was talking to my friends at Old Pepys Veterans recently and they were very excited about their new sponsors. It’s easy for the Manchester Uniteds and Liverpools of this world to attract sponsors at millions of pounds a time but the further down the leagues you go, the more difficult it becomes. I said to Ben to put me in touch with the sponsors and I would be happy to give them a little love. A few days later, I got a nice tweet from Pete Morris at East Kent School and Workwear Centre and thanked him for his support.

I asked how the company got involved and why they decided to support the vets. He said, “Well, we are a school and workwear supplier in our 2nd quarter of trading. We are a family run business with myself, mother and sister. Due to shortages and obstacles in obtaining school uniform during the pandemic and realising I had a supply chain right under my nose we decided to start the business. We got involved in the club due to my personal involvement in it and I suggested from the off that a small investment in shirt space would infinitely improve our ability to find clients…so we did. I’ve know Ben for over 10 years now and we’ve always been involved I grassroots football and now the timing seemed perfect to align our thoughts again.”

So, here we have it a small new start business supporting a small new start club. It sounds a perfect mix. I wished Pete (a Charlton fan) every success and said I hoped to catch up for a coffee when this xxxxshow is over. I promised to add him to a new website I am building
in appreciation for his efforts. It’s the least I can do.

If you are a club with a sponsor you would like to showcase or if you sponsor a club, drop me a line here and I will be happy to do what I can for you too. No cost, my way of thanking those who support The Beautiful Game in these difficult times.

Stay safe, everyone.