Doing The 92

My name is Steve Hall. I am a Brit who lives in Spain and who loves football.

In 2010 I cycled to all the 92 football league clubs in England and Wales. I set off in May and finished on 23 September 2010. I was met with almost universal kindness, hospitality and friendship.

Please check through the site to learn more about the project, the people involved and how you can also help and get involved.




More 2019/2020 Shirts

Gillingham 2019/202
Gillingham 2019/2020

Gillingham FC

My beloved Gillingam. I started watching them in 1964. They were in the old Division 4 and fifty five years later they are still in League One, although we did have some glory years in the Championship a few seasons back and once even finished in the top half.

We have YET another new manager, Steve Evans …… I wish him well.

Bedale AFC
Bedale AFC

Bedale AFC

I always love the quirky stories behind football shirts. Who can ever forget Sevilla’s cucumbers or Getafe’s burgers?

Well, the story of Bedale AFC’s new shirt is very impressive. So impressive, in fact, that even the BBC chose to run the story. Enjoy!

CD Montesinos
CD Montesinos, Alicante, Spain

CD Montesinos

It’s always good to hear from my friends in Spain. This is CD Montesinos, who play in the village of Los Montesinos about 45 minutes from Alicante.

What is special about this team is their huge expat following. At home games they are always more than half the fans and at away games they are usually 90% of the crowd. Good luck guys. I feel a longer blog coming on.

FC Midgetland

FC Midgetland

I am not sure how serious my friend was who sent me this to add but if there is such a team, I wish them well.

FC Midtjylland
FC Midtjylland

FC Midtjylland

…and taking it back to a more serious level, here if the FC Midtjylland squad from the Danish league. An impressive photo and an attractive shirt. The Danish league is itself quite quirky. Shall they play in the summer like Sweden or winter like Germany? No, they have two half seasons and play in the autumn and the spring. Good trivial pursuit question!

Saffron Dynamo

Saffron Dynamo

New Saffron kit kindly sponsored by Premgripp and JenkinsAndJenkins


WEST HAM AWAY 2018/201


With the 2019/2019 season just days away in the UK and Spain, most of the clubs have presented their new kits. As is becoming, sadly, the norm, many clubs have launched multiple new kits with only tiny differences from previous seasons.

The clubs are chosen for no particular reason and are added in no particular order. If you have images (non copyright!) of your favourite club or your favourite shirt, please send it across. I will be pleased to add it.

Whilst I am here, you might also like this story from Duckpond United and their “famous” kit.

Duckpond United … could not make it up!
Brentford Away 2018
Brentford Home 2018
Real Madrid 3rd
West Ham Home
West Ham Third
Malaga Home

92 Grounds in 92 hours


Brentford Chairman Cliff Crown welcomes visiting police officers on challenge

Brentford FC

“We are three serving police officers from Sheffield, South Yorkshire and we took on the challenge of visiting all 92 football league grounds in 92 hours.

One car, 3 cops, 92 grounds, 92 hours, 2,400 miles. We are taking on this challenge to raise money for The Children’s Hospital Charity, which supports Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital is one of just three standalone specialist children’s hospitals in the UK. More than 269,000 patient journeys are made to the hospital each year and its work changes children’s lives from across the UK and around the world every day.
The Children’s Hospital Charity has recently launched an appeal to transform the Cancer and Leukaemia Ward at the hospital.

The Cancer and Leukaemia Ward treats children from babies through to 19 year olds, is one of twenty principle treatment centres in the UK, and cares for patients who have other blood problems such as bleeding and inherited disorders. They treat around 25 bone marrow transplant patients every year, staying for 6 to 8 weeks at a time in isolation. Other patients can be treated for longer periods, sometimes over a year.

The problem with the ward is that, whilst the care received is excellent, the facilities are not. Children who suffer from cancer can develop post-traumatic stress disorder, but this the tension and anxiety can be relieved by creating a new home from home with space, privacy and natural light to make isolation a place of sanctuary and calm.

The transformed ward would create private patient rooms with en-suite facilities, giving patients a place to make their own and space for a parent to sleep comfortably alongside them. The redevelopment will increase the ward footprint, with larger bed bays and more isolation rooms. It will also expand the space for children to play and more than double the size of the ward classroom; ensuring illness does not interrupt patients who wish to continue learning.

We will start this challenge at Barnsley Football Club at 8pm on Friday 12th July and finish at Bramall Lane at 4pm on Tuesday 16th July. Thankfully, we like each other’s company as we will be sharing the driving to visit every football league ground and grabbing a photo to share with our social media followers.

We will be driving over 2,400 miles in a car and riding bikes to reach the London clubs. We will be eating and sleeping in the vehicle to complete the challenge to make sure we stick to our 92 hour limit.

We have a few social media profiles where we will be posting up-to-date tweets and videos on our journey – doing our best to get clubs, local celebrities, businesses and our wider followers to promote this great challenge and the charity we are raising money for.

We would love it if you could support us in any way possible.”

This was the story and I am delighted that my local club, Brentford, welcomed these police officers. The excellent says …

Griffin Park played host to some special visitors last week. Three police officers from South Yorkshire Police visited all 92 League Clubs in 92 hours to raise funds for Sheffield Children’s hospital Cancer and Leukaemia ward appeal. They were at Griffin Park last Monday, 15 July, and were welcomed by Cliff Crown, Brentford FC Chairman.

Jamie Henderson, James Thorpe and Wednesdayite Scott Sarson are aiming to raise £25,000 for the hospital by driving and cycling the 2,400-mile journey. Griffin Park was one of the later stops on their journey, which started on Friday 12 July and finished on Tuesday. They finished on home soil, at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane ground.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital is one of just three standalone specialist children’s hospitals in the UK. More than 269,000 patient journeys are made to the hospital each year and its work changes children’s lives from across the UK and around the world every day.
The Children’s Hospital Charity has recently launched an appeal to transform the Cancer and Leukaemia Ward at the hospital.

The team have raised more than £11,000 so far and are still collecting. For more information on the challenge and to donate visit their fund-raising page here.

AS Roma 2019

I hear from my friends at Copa that they’ve added two new items to their official AS Roma collection. Get ready for summer the Italian way with the AS Roma Retro Polo and the AS Roma Retro T-shirt. Daje Roma! 

The shirts are part of the official AS Roma retro collection, which is produced under licence from the Serie A giants. There are classic retro shirts and jackets based upon many of the club’s most memorable teams from the 1930s through to the 1980s, along with a selection of club retro T-shirts and My First Football Shirts® for the younger fan.

Both shirts can be found on, in their Flagshipstore in Amsterdam, in the official AS Roma fanstores and via selected retailers & online resellers.

George Best T-Shirts


We have added 7 new T-shirts to the George Best Collection, our own unique tribute to this towering figure who changed the face of the game forever. Much more than just a genius player, George Best was a major cultural icon and the first footballer to bring glamour and style to the sport, back in the 1960s.

The COPA George Best collection is made under license from Best Promotions LLP and features a range of T-shirts that pay homage to one of the game’s most legendary and recognisable figures.

The inspiration for this collection is a selection of famous photos from the archives of IMG and the private George Best archive. These superior quality Best garments are Made in Europe and boast our very own COPA supersoft touch treatment for maximum comfort.

Two bestsellers of the earlier collection are now available in a new colorway as well.

Our complete George Best collection can be found online through, in our Flagshipstore and via selected retailers and online resellers.

New AS Roma Collection

New AS Roma Collection

With the start of 2019 just a few weeks away, it’s time to launch the first part of our new AS Roma collection. Made and designed in strong collaboration with the club.

This third collection consists of five new classic retro shirts and a retro jacket to take you back to the 1930s up and until the 1980s, and relive the rich history of the club. All the retro items are packaged and dispatched in luxury gift boxes.

Two of the retro shirts are specially designed with a women’s fit. The collection can be found online on, in our Flagshipstore in Amsterdam, in the official AS Roma Stores and the official webstore and via selected resellers.

Stay tuned as part two of the new AS Roma winter collection will be launched soon as well.

Just for Fun

Cycling? How Awesome is this? Want one? 🙂

Just for Fun

Occasionally I come across something I feel I want to share. It maybe not quite be about “The Shirt” or any shirt.
It is probably only something I think deserves more eyeballs. Enjoy!


Roy of the Rovers

Roy of the Rovers – Melchester Rovers

539 career goals. 10 league titles. 10 FA Cups. 4 European Cups.

There’s no doubt about it: Roy of the Rovers is the stuff of legend. To the generations of readers who followed Roy Race’s exploits in his comic every week, the Melchester Rovers number 9 remains the definitive football superstar – a hometown hero with the lethal left foot, who never played dirty and always pulled it out of the bag at the last minute.

Roy is returning with a brand new comic soon, but the legacy of the world’s greatest fictional footballer hasn’t been forgotten. For the first time in decades, the 1980 Melchester Rovers shirt – arguably the greatest Rovers shirt of all time, with that striking yellow stripe – is back.

The Melchester Rovers retro shirt can be found online through, at and via selected resellers.

Deportivo Galicia

The Spanish football team making their way in England

“Yes, Barcelona are a great team – but could they do it on a wet, Tuesday night at Stoke?”

In England over the last couple of decades, most successful clubs and top-level players that hail from warmer climates will have been subjected to the above, now clichéd, argument from both supporters and pundits alike. Some of the players in question have arrived on our shores and blossomed, some have struggled to adapt; and although this season’s Manchester City team are close, we haven’t had a completely European-style team in the English game. This level of ambiguity has left the question open – can a truly continental-style team flourish in English football?

Putting this to the test are Deportivo Galicia. Sticking strictly to their principles on how to play the game, Deportivo have made their way to the Combined Counties Division 1 (Step 10 on the football pyramid) following last season’s victorious campaign in the Middlesex County Premier League. On matchday at their home ground close to Heathrow Airport, I met with their manager Leo Decabo, General Secretary Rogelio Loureda, and centre-forward Anton Fernandez, to discover all about this Spanish football club moving through the English football system.

The foundation of the club may be older than you think. Following an influx of Spanish immigrants to the UK in the 1960s, a Galician social club was formed in London in 1968. Here the members could enjoy typical traditions from their north-western region of Spain such as dancing and, interestingly, bagpipes. Inevitably, a football team was put together in around 1972-73 and they entered the Harlesden Sunday League. As the seasons went on the team improved and in the early 1980s Deportivo Galicia won the treble in the Harlesden Sunday League top division.

Rogelio explained how this accomplishment was the catalyst to move the team to higher things; “After this treble, we reached a point where we wanted to improve, to organise, and to progress to the next level. So, we applied for the Middlesex County League and entered the football pyramid”. Deportivo Galicia then spent around thirty years working their way up through the divisions of the Middlesex County Leagues before being crowned Premier League winners last season. A fantastic achievement for any club, but for a unique side like Deportivo Galicia it’s all the more impressive. Despite this relatively long time in English football, Deportivo Galicia’s identity has been kept fully intact with the squad still around 90% Spanish. However, the manager, Leo Decabo, explains to me that it’s the club’s principles that override which nation the players are from, and are the fundamental elements of the football team.

“I get a lot of requests to join the team and the most common question I get is ‘Do I have to be from Galicia?’. To which I reply, ‘Can you play football?”.

“We have, and have had, players from England, South America, Jamaica, all over; but we have a style of football that you’d probably describe as typically Spanish – on the floor, good football to watch. If you join the team and start punting it long you’re dropped, put in the reserves, and if you still don’t adapt to our way of playing then you’ll have to leave the club”.

The recent success of Spain’s national team and the ‘tiki-taka’ Barcelona sides have only strengthened Deportivo’s views on how they want to play the game. However, throughout the club’s existence, the question of adaptation has always been prevalent. Rogelio, who has been amongst Spanish football in the UK basically since the beginning, made clear that there had to be a degree of adaptation when Deportivo first entered English football.

“In the early days it was very hard, very aggressive, with lots of winding up because we were Spanish, and, of course, we had to adjust ourselves to play in these environments. England had just won the World Cup in 1966 and there was an arrogance about the other teams on how to play football. If we mentioned that Spain won the European Championships in 1964 then they would say that it didn’t count!”

Another characteristic is ambition. Talking me through the club’s 5-year plan, Leo explains that qualification for the FA Cup and securing good sponsors are the club’s main aims – with everyone at the club working towards ascendance to the next level.

“FA Cup qualification should have been granted for this season, one year ahead of schedule, but that’s another story, and therefore the target for this season is promotion. One of the biggest challenges has been sponsors. We are by far the biggest Spanish community type organisation in the UK but the support from the Spanish businesses based here has, frankly, been embarrassing.”

Rogelio interjected, “Almost all the other teams in our league pay their players. Our players are here because they love the club but we need sponsors to progress”.

This desire for exposure and sponsorship is not only confined to the coaching and backroom staff. Indeed, two players went on a ‘missionary’ type escapade in search of sponsors. The players waited outside Chelsea and Arsenal’s training grounds and travelled to Spain for support from back home. The players’ efforts were rewarded with recognition from some of the world’s biggest footballing names. Fernando Torres, David De Gea, Juan Mata, Robert Pires and the UK-based journalist Guillem Balague are some of the names that have sent ‘good luck’ gifts, messages and now follow Deportivo Galicia on Twitter. Also, my visit aligned with the debut for Deportivo’s big new signing, the ex-Chelsea midfielder Enrique De Lucas who a member of the squad managed to get involved – which also brought some exposure.These impressive endeavours show there is a real determination from everyone involved at Deportivo to grow and progress the club; as well as highlighting the true importance and difference a sponsor could make to this club and its members with an investment.

Overall, my visit to Deportivo Galicia was insightful, interesting and heart-warming. The history of the club, the adversity that they have come through and the strict footballing principles show that this is a tough, strong-willed, and open community club. I’ve watched Deportivo on two occasions now and the style of football is a breath of fresh air to what you are normally treated to in any English league – a testament to the quality of training that Leo and the other coaches, Jose Andon and Mick Hamaida put together for the players.

However more than purely the footballing element, Deportivo Galicia is a fantastic Spanish community for helping newcomers to the UK settle and integrate. As Anton put it “this is more than a club to me, it’s my family”, and Leo unashamedly admitting he felt like crying at that statement. I was left with a feeling of intense positivity about what football can do for people. I wish Deportivo Galicia all the best for the future, I am sure they will continue to flourish and also prove that, yes, continental football teams can do it on cold, rainy Tuesday nights in Blighty.

Note – this article is written by Dean Laughton and first appeared in a fuller form in the excellent Box to Box. Photos are also from Box to Box. I have recently been down to their superb stadium near Hatton Cross/Heathrow and know that you will be made most welcome whether you are British, Spanish or from Timbuktu. You can contact Leo via their FB page.

The Hogarth Club

Brentford Football Club get into shape with the Hogarth Club

Chiswick health club the latest addition to the Brentford FC partnership family

Brentford Football Club are proud to announce a new partnership with The Hogarth Club, who have signed up as an Official Club Supplier. The Chiswick health club is the newest addition to the Brentford FC partnership family and the link-up will include access to The Hogarth Club’s two-acre facility for the First Team.

The Hogarth Club is a premier health club minutes from Chiswick High Street and within a short walk of the River Thames. It is set in two acres of beautifully maintained grounds with tennis courts, a pool, gym and dance studios. The Hogarth Club prides itself on the personal touch given to members, to help them realise the results they want. The Club also features relaxation classes, a medispa and a clinic for acupuncture, physiotherapy and a chiropractor.

The partnership will allow Brentford’s First Team players access to The Hogarth Club when needed.Injured players can use the state-of-the-art facilities for rehabilitation sessions while the squad can also use the pool and gym for recovery between matches to help aid and enhance their performances on the pitch.

Tim Slater, Sales and Marketing Director for The Hogarth Club, said: “Having been established since 1981, The Hogarth Club in Chiswick has established itself as one of the UK’s finest health, fitness and wellness clubs. Over almost 40 years we have created special relationships with a host of West London businesses, from Porsche Centre West London to Harvey Nichols. There is great excitement at creating this new partnership with Brentford FC at this special moment in their history with a new stadium being built and a drive for Premier League football.”

James Parkinson, Brentford FC Commercial Director, added: “The Hogarth Club is a long-established specialist in health and wellbeing. Our Head of Medical Neil Greig and I have worked for some time to find a suitable venue to deliver the bespoke needs of a professional football club. Since our tour and meeting at the club we saw the immediate advantage of a partnership. We’re all looking forward to working with the team and its members.”