Doing The 92

My name is Steve Hall. I am a Brit who lives in Spain and who loves football.

In 2010 I cycled to all the 92 football league clubs in England and Wales. I set off in May and finished on 23 September 2010. I was met with almost universal kindness, hospitality and friendship.

Please check through the site to learn more about the project, the people involved and how you can also help and get involved.




2020 -2021

Well, I guess nobody has any real idea when the “next” season will start. As I write this on 16th July the 2019/2020 season still has not finished!

Nevertheless, the new shirts are coming through apace and I picked up a couple of interesting ones.

Leyton Orient

Leyton Orient Home
Leyton Orient Away
Leyton Orient Third


Celtic Home

FC Barcelona

Barcelona Home

Newcastle United

Newcastle United 2020-2021

For The Love of Spurs

It is always a great pleasure when I come across a dedicated shirt collector and, more so, when the collection is from just one club. So, I was delighted to learn of the superb collection of Tottenham Hotspur shirts that Øystein Haugen from Trondheim, Norway has collected. Yes, you read that correctly Trondheim and not Tottenham, Norway and not N17!

I met him on a Facebook group (Football Kits the World Over ) where I quickly realised that he had a fantastic knowledge of the shirts as well as a love for the club. I decided to drop him a line and found that he was very happy to talk of his love of all things Spurs. He told me that he had a complete collection of replica Spurs shirts from early 1970 to 2020, and a few cup shirts etc, except 83-85 home with Holsten!

He continued, “I started to support Spurs in the late 70’s. In those days in Norway we only had a few games on the TV like Saturday’s Match of the Day. If you were lucky, they showed Spurs. Then came BBC Radio 5, Panini stickers. We got Match and Shoot and that is how Norwegian kids started to follow English teams..”

“My first trip to White Hart Lane was New Years Day 1988 against Watford (2-1) On that trip I bought my first Spurs shirts – the home shirt and the navy blue away shirt. To this day, that navy blue shirt is one of my favourite. Since then, buying a shirt every season became a must – I always wanted to stay updated with the newest kit(s). Over the last 10 years I have started to buy on eBay, trying to get hold of some of the shirts I was missing. This last year – and especially since the Covid lockdown – I have really put my mind to getting a complete collection of replica shirts. Yes, home, away, 3rds etc. All are originals except a few from Toffs of retro shirts. Spurs started to sell through the shop in 77/78.”

” I’ve managed to get hold of two Spurs shirts made by Coffer Sports which I am really proud of – a 1966-77 home shirt and a yellow away shirt 75-77. These are the oldest shirts in my collection. In total, I have about 120 Spurs shirts. I am just missing the 83-85 Le Coq Sportif home shirt with Holsten as sponsor. I do have the 83-85 light blue shirt with Holsten but it was not cheap! I’m also missing a couple of cup final specials and 2 or 3 away shirts with Investec as sponsor. I’ve been to 50+ Spurs games both home and away, some European Cup (h/a) , cup finals and friendlies ……..and the past few seasons I have been the proud owner of a season ticket. “

What an interesting story! I thanked Øystein for taking the trouble to speak to me and we agreed to have a coffee the next times are paths crossed.

Spurs’ kit for 2020/2021 has not not been officially unveiled, but the official club shop does have some huge discounts on 2019/2020 kit. Check their website here

Tottenham Hotspur 2019/2020 Home

Papilios Creative

I was delighted to reach a post by Papilios Creative on a Facebook Group that I joined recently. Dave Baldwin is a huge Aston Villa fan and a very impressive artist. He has painted many of the UK grounds and showcased a few on Facebook. I thought the images of various stadiums were truly excellent and brought back many happy memories of my visits to grounds over the past 50+ years.

I introduced myself to Dave Baldwin, the owner and artist, and asked him to tell me a little bit more about his passion. He was kind enough to reply.

“Welcome to Papilios Creative commissioned bespoke watercolour paintings and specialist in football and sports stadiums paintings. As a specialist in football stadiums if there is a particular team that you want, and you can’t see it on our website, then let us know and we will add it as soon as possible for you.

Sports stadium paintings are available as A3 or A4 prints, coasters, keyrings, fridge magnets and greetings cards. It is the aim to eventually paint all 92 English Football League Club grounds which may also include any old grounds that teams used to call home providing that bit of nostalgia. We also do Non-League Football Grounds when requested. Football greetings cards are available in several options such as Father’s Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day or just blank. You can add that personal message which will be printed inside.

If you want a custom watercolour painting of something that you treasure, send us a picture and I will turn it into a unique keepsake artwork!

A beautiful gift for every occasion, for parents, for an anniversary, birthdays or other special event.

Give someone a special artwork that they will treasure forever!
Sports stadiums, Pet portraits, landscapes, your favourite vehicle or even your house.

Visit our website and browse the galleries of existing paintings. There is also a library of other watercolours from landscapes to wildlife if you are looking for general art. Visit:

NHS – Keighley Cougars

As I write this, the world is in the middle of the CV-19 crisis. Many people are doing all they can to help, whilst others are ignoring the advice of their respective governments.

The NHS in the UK has been absolutely magnificent. Despite the lack of the necessary PPE and the failings of the government, the staff have worked as one to try to minimise the scale of the tragedy. Every week, millions of UK residents take to the streets to clap them in a united show of support and many others are doing more. I offer my heartfelt thanks to every single member of the NHS. I truly appreciate every shift you cover. Thank you!

One of the novel initiatives is this limited edition shirt being marketed by the Keighley Cougars Rugby League club. All profits will be donated to the NHS and, in order to maximise the profits, the shirts are on sale at a very affordable price. I offer my thanks to everyone at Keighley. I spent many a (cold!) Sunday at the Lawkholme Lane ground in the 70s and 80s. Happy Days. The rugby season has been suspended but I wish the club when battle recommences ……. which hopefully will be very soon once the authorities deem it fit.

You can secure this unique shirt at

Celtic Special Offers

Get Kitted Out Like The Champions

Grab a bargain and get kitted out like the champions, with huge price reductions across all season 19/20 kit ranges!

Keep it classic with the Hoops jerseys now down to £35 or get your hands on the Away and Third shirts, now down to just £25.

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West Ham Special Offers

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Maya Middlemiss

I was delighted to receive a Press Release from Maya advising me of her new book. Maya has been a long-term supporter of The Shirt project and I am pleased to learn of her new book. Good luck, young lady.

BlockSparks CEO Maya Middlemiss has an established reputation for explaining blockchain and cryptocurrencies to consumer audiences via persuasive and engaging non-fiction writing and podcasting. With the release of “Beyond The Chain” she aims to create an alternative entry point for new audiences to learn about the fundamental principles and use cases of bitcoin and other cryptos, via an accessible work of fiction.

Brand storytelling is an essential feature of BlockSpark’s marketing communications offering, and indeed offering a compelling narrative is essential when endeavouring to hook a reader into engaging with new information. When it comes to attracting consumers with no previous interest in new technologies however there is a big barrier to overcome, and with blockchain there are additional obstacles in the form of negative mainstream media coverage, fundamentally misinforming people about the real social impact potential of cryptocurrencies.

Middlemiss decided that one way to circumvent these hurdles was to create an accessible and mainstream story around a user’s journey of discovery as an analogue to their inner journey as a character, for whom learning about cryptocurrency is ultimately part of their own redemption:

“I was keen to create a strong leading character who readers could empathise with and champion, and also one starting from a greatly disadvantaged position regarding financial and technical literacy.  Early reviewers have told me, ‘if she can do it, understand and use this stuff, then perhaps I can too!’ – which is exactly the feedback I was hoping for.”

Striking the balance between crypto exposition and evangelism and telling a thrilling and exciting story was obviously a challenge throughout, and the book includes endnotes and a resources page to support readers on their own journey – without interrupting the heroine on hers.  “I wanted readers to be able to enjoy the story completely for its own sake, absorbing some fundamentals about bitcoin – pseudonymity, transparency, trustlessness and private key management in particular – as the protagonist does so herself, without it being intrusive.”

Creating a strong female lead character was important to Middlemiss, who is a long time champion of women in blockchain and tech careers, but she is keen to stress that the book is not targeted at female readers exclusively. “In my experience talking to men and women outside of the crypto bubble, there can be more psychological barriers to adopting anything seen as having a technical learning curve, and greater fear of messing up or being ripped off. The heroine Carrie is right in the centre of our target audience persona for the Crypto Confidence podcast – curious but cautious, needing to cut through the hype and learn in a structured way from sources she trusts.  But the journey is the same for men and women, and in any location.”

Find out more about Beyond The Chain at


Specsavers Ópticas in Santa Ponça donates over 500 pairs of glasses to help those in refugee camps in the Sahara

The team at Specsavers Ópticas in Santa Ponca has donated more than 500 pairs of glasses and sunglasses to a hospital supporting refugees in Algeria.

The glasses are being donated to the National Hospital in Rabuni, providing aid to refugees in camps 30 kilometres from Tindouf in Algeria. It will help adults and children living in the camps to improve their vision, protect their eyes from the sun and improve their quality of life by reducing the chances of vision loss and improving their opportunities to continue their studies.  

Esperança Mas Alcover, one of the volunteers who travelled to Tindouf in the middle of the Sahara desert to deliver the donation, explains: ‘Due to the sun and how it reflects on the sand, there are many people with poor eye sight in the area.’ 

The donation of glasses came about thanks to one of the employees of Specsavers Ópticas Santa Ponça, Mariló Frasquet, who suggested they get involved with the project and who was responsible for logging the glasses to be donated, labelling them with the prescription and preparing them to be taken to Algeria. 

The store director Andrés Román said he was delighted that his team was so committed to charitable causes such as this and happy to support it wherever possible. He also thanked volunteer Esperança Mas Alcover, for her hard work in taking the donated glasses and distributing them to the refugees. 

Esperança travelled to the Sahara with four other volunteers to help the Saharawi people. She says: ‘As well as glasses we took 20kg of medicines which are very hard to come by in this area. We also delivered school supplies, sports clothes and warm clothes for babies, children and adults, along with foods that are expensive and difficult to get in the area.’ 

Rosa Alcover also travelled with the group, as part of her role in the Balearic Association of Friends of the Saharaui People (Asociación Balear de Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui). Their project Holidays in Peace (Vacances en Pau) allows children between 9 and 12 years old to travel to the Balearic Islands to enjoy the summer months in peace, away from the heat of the desert. During their stay they also undergo a full medical check and can be treated for any conditions which are discovered. Part of the reason for their visit, as well as to deliver the donations, was to reconnect with children who had stayed in Mallorca in recent years and make sure they were happy and well cared for, according to Esperança. 

Describing the living conditions in these refugee camps, Esperança says: ‘Unfortunately these people had to leave their homes and their land and are living in the middle of the desert. After 40 years and thanks to support from Algeria and the international community they now have electricity and there is water delivered by truck several times a year, but resources are still limited, so all help is very welcome.’ 

She adds: ‘There are many programmes being run in the area to improve the refugees’ quality of life, healthcare and education including the creation of primary care and emergency facilities and education to prepare them for their future lives and improve their career prospects, but there is still work to be done and the community are very grateful for help.’

Visit to find out more about the Asociación Balear de Amigos del Pueblo Saharaui. Visit to learn more about Specsavers and find your nearest store to donate your unwanted glasses and help others. 


Patryk Klimala became Celtic’s first transfer of the decade and ‘Sign For Celtic’ are giving you the chance to win his signed shirt in our latest free to enter competition!

The Polish striker is raring to go and ready to prove his worth in front of the Paradise faithful, and you can win a shirt signed by the man himself.
All you have to do is tap ‘Enter Now’, and you could be our lucky winner!

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The competition closes at 12noon next Friday, January 24, so make sure you don’t miss out and enter now. Good luck Celts!


Speedomick (AKA Mick Cullen)

I came across a fantastic story today and it needs re-telling. I have nothing but immense respect for Mick and hope to meet up with him in Plymouth in a few days’ time.

Please either share his story or support him as best you can. Thanks!

I will be walking 1000 miles to fundraise for Leave the light on starting on the 6th December from John O’groats to Lands end. It will take at least 7 weeks and I will be walking close to a marathon a day .  I will of course be making this journey whilst being in my swimming attire, ie speedos goggles and hat which will make this challenge a very cold one but it will bring a lot of smiles to people’s faces I am sure, as well as raising awareness and vital funds to start up our new  projects .

We are fundraising for community projects for disadvantaged young people, creating opportunities to bring people together to overcome isolation and experience positive attention and affirmation and to hopefully broaden their horizons . 

A third of children our living in poverty in our area after decade of austerity has stripped away many of our vital services and safety nets that help stop vulnerable people falling through those safety nets . The measure of a civilised society and caring society is how we treat and care for the most vulnerable in that society.

In response to the issues that leave people isolated and hopeless, we want to respond with community projects that bring people together so that they may draw from each other’s strengths.

We would like to help build a more inclusive community where everyone is welcome respected and supported.

Please join us in trying to make a difference wether it be big or small . 
Thank you Donate