Day 3 Milton Keynes

After three nights of very little sleep, I woke today refreshed and ready for action! There was a huge orange ball shining brightly in the sky and I knew that my training was going to be tough in the direct sunlight. Needed to be done though!

Then I got one of “those” calls. Ecademist and GREAT supporter of the project, Dean “Warrior Coach” Grimshawe had driven up to see me! Humbled. Dean is passionate about his Warrior Coaching which is about aggressively striving to maximise Performance. This level of Coaching is a little hard for most people to face so it is only recommended for those who take their goals seriously! Dean has “promised” (threatened!) to “support'” me (push me!) to get through the 92 clubs and, more to the point, the 3,000 miles. Dean, I am sure when I have a puncture in the driving rain on some barren Yorkshire Moor that I will need you! THANKS!

What was even more pleasing is that he had his charming life-partner with him, Sara. In fact to be more accurate she had Dean as it was Sara who was driving! There is always something special about being introduced to a friend’s family and I am delighted to have met Sara. They make a lovely couple. I could, of course, say that she is far too good for Dean ……but I am not that brave!

Anyway, if you ARE that brave then I suggest you see how Dean can take you to the next level.


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