Day 2 Milton Keynes

Yes, I know. I have heard all the jokes but it is true. They DO have concrete cows in Milton Keynes. The good news is that they do not throw themselves in front of the bike!

I came to this new town to see my friend Neil Muxlow who had a business lunch organised and to see my sponsor. Sadly, the sponsor seems to have “evaporated” and is no longer responding to emails nor calls. I guess I have to expect that people will not always do what they say. It is one of the things that Björn and I have learned from his trip. So, already off my itinerary and back looking for a sponsor. Life!

Anyway, the MOST important news is that Björn is now in South Africa. Yes! after 11 months in the saddle he has now crossed the border and is in South Africa, the land of the World Cup and his final destination. You will be able to read all about his arrival and the wonderful reception here. I am simply amazed and inspired by his achievement. Congratulations, bold, bald, bad Norwegian.

Thanks hugely to Neil at Business Alive and to my “sponsor” for the day, The Ramada Encore. This is a superb new hotel in the very centre of Milton Keynes. The service was superb and I thank Neil for organising the sponsorship.


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  • Jock:

    Hope you are not saddle sore yet there is a long way to go 🙂 and well done to Bjorn also fantastic news. Just to let you know I have taken 3 signed City tops to David at the Rocajuna today and myself and the young one signed the Fc Torrevieja shirt. I will email you some pics later. Be safe Jock

  • Steve Hall:

    Fantastic work, thanks!

    Yes, a long way to go. “How do cycle 3,400 miles?” …..Answer ….one day at a time.

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