Day 4 London

The REAL news today was NOT about the UK leg but rather about Bjorn in South Africa.

The first “draft” of sewing the shirts together was hugely successful but even more important was the endorsement from the President of South Africa, Mr Jacob Zuma, who signed the shirts at the South Africa World Cup. A hugely important addition as a “friend”. From a PR point of view this will open many doors.

In London, I was delighted to meet up with my friend Enfield Rob who eats, breathes and sleeps football at all levels and who has himself been to the vast majority of the 92 grounds …… and 100s of amateur and semi-pro grounds too. I was proud to receive a shirt from Futsal Enfield who play in the top level of futsal in the UK. Rob is also a FC Torrevieja fan AND has been out to the refugees in Rwanda coaching futsal. He found me a limited edition Futsal Enfield shirt which will fly proudly in the breeze in South Africa. THANKS!


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  • Jock:

    Wow the shirt looks great now, imagine when they receive all of the donated shirts which haven’t arrived yet! Truly amazing.

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