D Day

Well, this is it I am OFF!

What an amazing day. It started at 4am (yes!) when I started a 3 train-journey to BNI Hogarth, then it was on Excel London for some meetings and it concluded with a fantastic Ecademy meeting in Victoria. Well, the “fun” bit did. The hard yards were getting me to Milton Keynes for 3am! A long but massively successful day!

I have a terrific relationship with BNI and in particular national director Charlie Lawson and locally John Coupland. My target is to visit each of their 34 regions in the UK to go to at least one of their local chapters. A great organisation offering excellent support to The Shirt. I have a BNI shirt which I am getting signed in each region and we are passing it on like a baton. When I have finished I will return it to John and Charlie ….with a minimum of 1000 signatures I am sure.

So, the first chapter I visited was Hogarth in Chiswick in West London. It was a fine meeting with a good buzz and I was warmly welcomed. Thanks.

From there I hot-footed it to Excel for a business exhibition where a friend was in attendance. Always good to shake hands with old faces (!) and I was delighted that next to him was the Regus organisation. I quickly explained the project and almost before I had finished they were clambering to be in. They really “saw” The Shirt and were delighted to commit. Thanks, all.

The very first person outside of the Shirt team I spoke to about my little contribution was Penny Power, the founder of Ecademy. She has given me unstinting support and encouragement from Day One and last night in the prestigious Grosvenor Hotel she officially endorsed the project and very generously presented me with a superb video camera. See her live here!
I have set myself a target of collecting the signatures of 1000 Ecademy members as I cycle through the UK.

This is Ben the owner of where I have spent two great nights. It’s just by Dollis Hill tube and close to Willesden so easy access to Central London. If all the accommodation is as good as this I will be happy! Thanks, guys!


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  • Jock:

    Glad you had a good first day Steve, Looks like you will be cycling in some hot weather over the weekend, so keep topped up my friend.

  • Steve Hall:

    Yes, looks like I have come in time for the English summer. It will be over by the end of May though!

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