World’s Most Expensive Link

In a world that sometimes seems so cynical, I am delighted to highlight the good works of Alan at The World’s Most Expensive Link. He has been a supporter of The Shirt Project since he first heard of it way back in 2009. I remember the first time I met Bjorn in the autumn of that year. We were in Germany and he was a few weeks into his multi marathon cycling trip from Oslo in his native Norway all the way to South Africa. Bjorn explained to me his intent and, as they say, the rest is history. I was “hooked” and offered to assist. Likewise when Alan heard of my mini-tour of the English clubs, he was happy to support. Since then, I have always been able to count on his support.

The nice thing is that it is a win-win. I am a very keen advocate of his business. We caught up again last week when Alan told me that the site is going well, the customers are happy and that he continues to raise money for charities. By total coincidence, we are both big supporters of Prostate Cancer UK and I am always delighted to see them being supported on the site. What is his project? Well, at its most basic, it is a way of promoting any business, charity, sporting association. Everybody wants visitors to their sites. That’s what The Link provides. How? Alan explains……

  • Register your website from as little as £1. Yes, for less than a coffee, you can be promoting your link
  • To add your link is a ONCE OFF payment and your link will stay on till at least December 31st 2024
  • 30% (less VAT & PayPal Payment processing fees) of all income will be donated to charities selected by the participants.
    (Whenever a participant’s total is £10 or more we will make a payment directly to your chosen charity.)
  • The site has been live and continuously promoting our participants’ websites since 2007.

One thing I have always liked is that you can start with as little as £1. In fact most of those who have followed my recommendation and registered did just this. Let’s be honest, there are few ways that you can promote your business or charity for £1 nowadays! Have a read, have a look and if you want to know more, just drop Alan a line and he will be sure to assist. If you do come onboard, please ping me too and I will help you promote your business or cause. My pleasure.

Thanks as always for your support, Alan. Bjorn and I have been fortunate to have a lot of loyal supporters over the years. It is always nice to recognise them.


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