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St. Pauli, Hamburg

Nowadays it is very easy to follow clubs througout the world. The web is full of content about teams near and far. If you don’t speak Polish or Latvian, there is no problem. Google translation services can help. So, many of us have a soft spot for a team tat peraps we have never seen in real life …. but want to! Then we think how difficult it is to get tickets to Premier League games in the UK and that bumps our idea for a moment. Not deterred we start looking at flights but realise that we are not sure whether there is an airport convenient for Palermo, there is (actually there are at least two!) Then we wonder whether an advertised 3pm Saturday kick off in Spain will turn out to be Friday evening an hour before we land or even moved to Monday evening for TV purposes. OK, no problems, let’s look at the resale sites. “What, Schalke U23s v Bayern Munic U23s ONLY 349 euros!!!!!. No, not what I am looking for.” Then we stop and decide that it’s a great idea but …..

Help is at hand in the form of the Euro Ticket Club.

Euro Ticket Club cuts out the ugly fees so you can focus on the beautiful game. British football is the most cost-prohibitive in the world. Euro Ticket Club is all about High-quality football and Low-cost flights and match tickets for European games. Sign up for information on the best offers to travel to European football matches. We aggregate the cheapest flights and match tickets for teams across Europe, sold directly from football club websites, cutting out the middleman.

We were inspired to start Euro Ticket Club after a concatenation of difficulties attempting to watch live football. Firstly, as an Arsenal fan, it can be near impossible to get face-value tickets for a game at Emirates Stadium. I’ve watched Arsenal a handful of times but often at great expense, a cost that UK rail-travel exacerbates. Noticing how cheap flights can be from Edinburgh to other European cities, my brother and I began looking abroad for games. We first attended a match in Belgium but ran into difficulties when we turned up hoping to get tickets on the day only to find a sold-out Lotto Park.

Next, we secured a £26 return to Eindhoven, a city famed for its insistence that Phillips – the electronics company – really is the worthy subject of an entire museum. The match was a genuinely entertaining 4-0 drubbing, however had we known how limited the city was in other aspects, we may have chosen a different destination. The city’s official guide lists its airport and its proximity to numerous European capitals as 2 of the ten reasons to visit. That’s correct – 20% of the city’s highlights are, in fact, escape routes. By the time we booked Milan we had ironed out the kinks and saw a fantastic game of football at a great price and enjoyed the city, visiting the Piazza del Duomo and Leonardo da Vinci National Museum. These experiences encouraged us to create a service which combines top-quality football with a cultural European trip.

Aside from the fact we pair tickets with cheap flights, the biggest distinction between ourselves and our competitors is that our customers like us. While Ticketmaster and Viagogo are regarded as a last resort, often leaving customers embittered by the fees, we are the first port of call – letting customers know how and when to get the best possible deal. With Euro Ticket Club, users get a coup; not a con. Though football package providers save users time at the expense of money, acting as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, we save time and money by distributing information without taking a cut. We’ve offered return flights and match tickets for just £17 per person.

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