Tuktuk Day 99

Pitch Publishing

I am delighted to see such interest in books about football I have featured on my blog by writers like Gary Thacker, Chris Lee and Miguel Pereira

It seemed sensible therefore to add some updates from Pitch Publishing that arrived today. Enjoy!
My two selections are both Spain-focused but the Pitch Publishing newsletter has something for everyone.

Rise of a New Dynasty

“Rise of a New Dynasty” charts FC Barcelona Femini’s journey from 2019 to 2023 with in-depth tactical analysis and player interviews. It explores the factors behind their sustained growth, analysing the tactics and strategies that helped them to conquer Europe. Written by Abdullah Abdullah, an author and analyst, who has written for the likes of ESPN, Analytics FC and The Equalizer, and has consulted for a notable club in the United States. Originally from Karachi, Pakistan, he now lives in Dubai, UAE, spending his days working and his nights writing. Abdullah’s writing is tactically focused, yet easy to understand. Rise of a New Dynasty: FC Barcelona Femini’s Emerging Legacy is his fourth book.

EURO 1984

Euro 1984 tells the fascinating story of perhaps the greatest European Championship. Largely ignored in the UK, due to none of the home nations qualifying, it was a thrilling competition full of attacking football, and featured iconic matches, teams and players who contributed to one of the greatest international tournaments of all time. Aidan Williams is part of the editorial team for These Football Times, regularly appearing online and in their magazines and podcasts discussing football issues both current and past, with particular emphasis on international football history, on and off the field. Aidan’s work has also featured in The Guardian and The Athletic. Euro 1984 is his third book, following The Nearly Men and Worst in the World.

My note: I was following Spain but also had a soft spot for Denmark. That’s a quarter of the qualifiers! Yes, in this competition there were only eight teams. The competition started off in 1960 with just four but now we are up to 24. How things have changed.

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