Tuktuk Day 46

Bring Me that Horizon

I had a nice surprise this week when a friend of a friend introduced himself to me. Since then we have been messaging about Portuguese football (about which I know embarrassingly little), Spanish football (about which I am meant to know more than something) and, well, life! So, welcome to The Shirt Family, author Miguel Lourenço Pereira. Our mutual friend, Gary Thacker, was spotlighted here with the launch of his book about the Brazilian victory in the Mexico 1970 World Cup whilst Miguel tells me he has just released a new book in English about Portuguese football. Obviously I said I’d be happy to help.

By a strange coincidence, it is also published by my friends at Pitch Publishing. I am told, “Bring Me that Horizon is a quest into the heart and soul of Portuguese football. From Eusebio’s glorious career to Cândido de Oliveira’s adventures as a British intelligence agent, the book reveals a nation that already had fantastic tales to tell before it became the flavour of the month for football hipsters at the turn of the millennium. There’s much more to Portugal’s football heritage than Ronaldo and Mourinho.”

It offers the reader:

  • Fascinating journey into Portugal’s history, day-to-day life,
    gastronomy, culture and sporting world
  • Quest to understand the nature of Portugal’s biggest clubs
    and football personalities, from the past up to the present day
  • Insight into the lives of iconic figures such as José
    Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Exclusive opinions by some of the world’s leading
    sportswriters and journalists, including Simon Kuper, Sid
    Lowe, Marti Perarnau and many more
  • Author’s seventh book after writing on the lives of Johan
    Cruyff and Diego Maradona as well as the history of the
    Euros, World Cup and European club competitions
  • You can learn more and order the book here
  • Miguel is described as, “Miguel Lourenço Pereira is a Portuguese journalist and football historian. Author of several sporting books, including Noites EuropeiasSueños de la Euro and Cruyff: Anatomy of a Genius, his work has been published in Portugal, Spain and Brazil for more than a decade. He has also written for Panenka, Libero, Futebol Magazine, In Bed With Maradona and Corner.”

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