Tuktuk Day 77

AFC Rushden & Diamonds

It’s Sunday and that can only mean one thing. Yes, Darren Ashley’s vlog hits the newswires. His weekly blogs (see Flackwell Heath, for example) are proving exceptionally popular and he has kindly allowed me to reproduce his thoughts and vlogs at AFC Rushden and Diamonds who hosted Lye Town, Stourbridge.

I was talking to him earlier and he will be out again next Saturday which is, of course, Non League Day. Hopefully everyone will use the international break to visit a local non league side. You will quickly see the difference between the Prima Donna League and what your local teams offer. Enjoy!
“So, Darren, what have you been up to? Where, have you been?” “Hi, Steve, Yesterdays filming of my weekly Non League vlog took me to Hayden Road, to watch AFC Rushden and Diamonds, for their home match v Lye Town F.C.

Now, I could spend ages writing about how fantastically Diamonds, and everyone connected with them, treated me yesterday. Put it this way, I was chatting to so many people, at times, I completely forgot the purpose of the visit was to film and give R&D, and Lye Town some exposure.

To say they were friendly and welcoming is an understatement, but, for this post, I want to tell you about a Frenchman at the Diamonds and how it came about…..

Rob Usher, the R&D chairman ( pictured left) with Manu told me this charming story…..

R&D recently received an order for a home shirt from a small town in France on the Swiss border.

Intrigued by this unusual request destination, Rob had to find out more, so he contacted the buyer as to why they were ordering a shirt from a Non League team from England ???

Manu, the buyer replied that, for no particular reason, he started playing the computer game, Championship manager as R&D, and started to do quite well…so well, that he started to follow the real teams results from far away.

When Rob heard this, he invited Manu and a couple of his mates over for a game…and yesterday was the day. Manu even presented Rob with a shirt from his team, Annency.

As I was chatting to them after the match, Rob was tongue in cheek exploring the possibility of a friendly in the mountains

Manu told me that he and his mates had a brilliant time at the match, meeting players, and basically, feeling like VIP’s….I actually felt the same too!

So, yet another story about why I love Non League, and the way they treat people. It’s also encouraging that the reach out there is bigger than I thought. Absolutely brilliant.

So…..if you are still reading and want to see how the match turned out, as always, Here is the vlog and , of course, to see all the previous games, just click here.”

“Thanks, Darren, obviously it is Non League Day next Saturday. Would you like to tell your subscribers where you will be?” “Mmm,…and spoil the surprise?!? No, I don’t think so but I do hope people will take the international break as an opportunity to see a local non league game. I am sure they will be absolutely delighted with what they see – the friendship, the sensible pricing and, believe me, the quality of the football.” “Yes, I just saw Raheem Sterling miss a penalty. I guarantee that every non league player would have buried that chance.”

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