Tuktuk Day 69

World Book Day

If anybody knows anything about me they would do a “What three words” – Steve, “football, travel, books.” I’d probably add chess and anti-Tory but the first three words are pretty accurate. This week it is World Book Day so it is a great excuse for me to share some books that cover at least two of the three!

First up I present Gareth Thomas and his love of Anguilla and Uprising FC (logo above). He sent me an excerpt yesterday. I am looking forward to the release of his first book.

“As I approach 20,000 words written for my book, just to wet the appetite I thought I would share a brief snippet of what I have written. This is my favourite passage that I’ve written so far.”

By coincidence Clare McEwen wrote that she was excited that she had written 25,313 words in her book about Women’s Football. I will let her introduce herself.

“A Girl In Love With the Beautiful Game. Hi, I’m Clare and I fell in love with football when I was about 9-years-old. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the exact moment the beautiful game touched my heart because that was nearly 40 years ago. But I do remember the moment I got my very own proper football. And the moment I put on my first pair of football boots (Golas for those who remember them). I was already in love with the game by then but these prizes sealed the deal. Now I’m writing a book on the history of women’s football so everyone knows how it has grown both in England and throughout the world. The stories, the struggles, the amazing women and men who fought against the governing bodies, defying bans, battling disrespect, and suffering abuse. “

More here

So Gareth and Clare new to the world of Dickens and Shakespeare but the the next two friends have both written multiple books each

Gary Thacker has just released his latest book O Jogo Bonito and Miguel Lourenço Pereira followed up with Bring me that Horizon

Obviously as a Gillingham fan, I am going to pimp Jim Norley’s great books

A couple of others I would like to highlight are Gavin Haigh’s definitive “Black and White Stripes”
and Stuart Kane’s book on the tragedy of Robin Friday.

Obviously we are fortunate to have so much written about “The Beautiful Game – O Jogo Bonito” and a couple of people I should spotlight again are Stanchion Books, Halcyon Publishing and Pitch Publishing for all things football, especially what I would call “non-mainstream”

Happy World Book Day


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