Tuktuk Day 47

One of the most popular “days” on the tour so far was Day Eleven. It was Christian Obray’s excellent article about “The Rise Of Non-League Football.” I thought it was so good and so timely that I asked him if I could reproduce it and he kindly agreed. We kept in touch and I was delighted to learn that his blog Through the Turnstile had gone live. He kindly (again!) allowed me to reproduce part of his review about Chatham Town. Again this proved very popular with followers of this tour and he kindly (yet again!) allowed me to share this week’s club overview of Coventry United. I have to be quite honest, I knew almost nothing about the club, I have never been to the ground and nor did I know anything about the all-important shirt. All will be revealed. Thanks Christian. I hope people are following Through The Turnstile in numbers.


Coventry United

Welcome back to Through the Turnstile, the series that shines the light on some of non-leagues leading stars. This time we are heading to the West Midlands to take a look over what could be one of the youngest teams which will ever be covered by ‘Through the Turnstile’, Coventry United. So without further ado, let’s have a look the history of this young club and find out a little more about how it came to be formed as well as how it is doing today

A brief history of the Club

Coventry United Football Club emerged in 2013 following the acquisition of Coventry Spartans. Edwin Greaves continued as the first manager, guiding the club to a debut league victory and a promotion, despite finishing as runners-up. They also reached their inaugural cup final but suffered a defeat. The subsequent season witnessed their triumph in the league, securing a comfortable lead and advancing in the Non-League Pyramid.

In 2016, Greaves departed, and Terry Anderson stepped in, leading the team to an impressive winning streak of 11 matches, culminating in a title win. Anderson and his assistant, Luke Morton, then assumed permanent roles. The club’s relocation to Butts Park Arena in 2017 marked a significant milestone in their history.

Under the ownership of Joe Haggarty from 2020, the club maintained its status as Coventry’s top non-league entity despite being reassigned to the United Counties League Premier Division South due to restructuring. However, managerial changes ensued, notably with Russell Dodds and Darren Acton resigning in 2021.

By 2022, Haggarty resigned as chairman and manager, leading to interim leadership by Nigel Ward, a devoted club supporter. Ward’s interim tenure focused on stabilizing the club both on and off the field, resulting in significant progress. Subsequently, Michael Kavanagh assumed the role of chairman, with John Goodman as Vice Chairman.

Carl Nolan was appointed manager for the 2022/2023 Season taking over from Ivor Lawton and under Carl’s management he guided the club to a respectable 8 place finish.

On the 1st December 2023 the club appointed a new manager, Ellis Alleyne who is still in charge today. Under Ellis the team have played 12 – won 5, drawn 3 and lost 4, mid-table form which is a very respectable run of results from what has been very much a period of stablisation for the team/club. Here is hoping that next year the team could be looking to push on up the table and maybe even challenge the play-off spots…

(Source acknowledged)

Stadium info

Based in the heart of the City, Coventry United play their games games at the Butts Park Arena, a multi-use stadium with its primary team being Coventry R.F.C (Rugby).

“For the level of football we play at a great Stadium the Butts Park Arena you wont see many stadiums as good as this at the level & even higher up the leagues.”

David Garton – Media Manager for Coventry United

Stadium Shop

Located at the entrance to the stadium with the ticket office the stadium shop is the place to grab all of the merchandise the club has to offer. The branded snoods is not something that you often see on offer from a club and one which I think is a really good idea. Of course the hope is that one day the club is in a position where they can also offer replica kits to buy along with their other merch, but in the meantime why not treat yourself to a beanie and snood.

So, if this little overview has whetted your appetite and you want to see their shirt or find out whether they produce a programme, please shoot over to Christian’s excellent Through The Turnstile

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