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As regular readers will have noted, we have had several blogs this week about sponsorship.
One thing comes through LOUD and CLEAR ….. every grassroots and junior club needs MORE money. It might be for the very first kit, maybe a replacement kit. It could be for cones and bibs or it could be for something more substantial like a tournament abroad. Paul Stephens at PhotoDay contacted me and showed me a way how EVERY club can fundraise in a fun and quick manner. He kindly sent details today.

Working with football clubs nationwide

We at PhotoDay work with football clubs across the UK to create unique and memorable images of individual players & their teams. 

We shoot studio quality images of every individual from which we digitally assemble team images, including a bespoke team image for each & every player where they uniquely feature front & centre of the team….your STAR player image.  

We then place all team & individual images onto a variety of backgrounds which are personalised to your club using your club colours & badge.

Once the photoshoot is complete it will take us a few days to process the images & get them uploaded to a secure gallery for each subject.  Once ready, we’ll notify parents of their unique link/access code so they can view & order their exclusive set of images including their unique STAR player team shot. There is absolutely no obligation to buy.  If parents do want to purchase a photo of their child we have individual items to suit all budgetsand also great value packages. We can also create bespoke sibling/buddy or parent & child images on request.

Why Choose Us

For Your Club Football Photos

Firstly and most importantly, we’re FREE. In fact it can be a great FUNDRAISER!

We understand the budgets of football clubs aren’t huge. Clubs often rely on sponsorships and parent support to get by. So there’s no charge to come along and take the photographs.

No hidden costs at all, when we say we’re free we mean it…

Secondly, we use bespoke technology you won’t find with any other photography company. We are the nationwide industry leader. We have unique software which allows us to create a unique team image for every team member where they feature front & centre as the STAR of the team. Finally, we give FREE team photos & sponsor team shots to further support your club & raise its profile in your community.

Contact us today to find out about the FUNDRAISING opportunities that come with our photoshoots!


PhotoDay formed in 2017 by a group of photographers who have worked for a collective 30+ years in an around youth sports clubs and schools

We offer  high quality, original Team & Individual photography to schools, clubs & their parents while also creating a no-risk fundraising opportunity

Action photography is a speciality at school & club events, with onsite printing to delight your guests 

NB. As you would expect all our staff are DBS checked to enhanced level & we operate a child protection policy

Please contact Paul for more details and for an estimate of how much you could raise for club funds.


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