Tuktuk Day 116


Mundial Magazine

“It’s taken us 29 issues and nearly a decade to dedicate an entire magazine to kits, but some things are worth the wait.”


Mad really that it’s taken us 29 issues and nearly a decade to dedicate an entire issue to kits, but some things are worth the wait.

We asked our favourite people, from Adam Devonshire to Jackson Irvine to Lee Trundle, to tell us all about the kits that meant the most to them. A smorgasbord of shirts, ready for you to devour.

Wimbledon founder Marc Jones took us into his laboratory to show us what it really took to design those Wimbledon beauties that had social media on fire.

There’s a dispatch from an undercover kit baron, a man who’s been trafficking fake shirts across borders, from Turin to Berlin to New Jersey.

You’ll also find Émile-Samory Fofana’s latest additions from his Champions League Koulikoro project from the frontlines in Mali.”

Sounds Great! As followers of The Shirt know, the project was started by Bjørn Heidenstrøm way back in 2009. A whole project was launched around that thing of beauty known as the football shirt. So, yes, we both still love the grounds, the stadiums and everything else that football is known for but “The Shirt” is clearly at the very centre of the project.

What has Mundial delivered this edition?

Longform? This is where the big bits go. Inside, you’ll find an Owen Blackhurst odyssey around the Netherlands to explore Ruud Gullit’s legacy, an undercover story from a fake shirt seller, James Bird tracing the history of the world’s first gay football team through their kits, and you’ll find 20 pages of people we love—from Charlie Cooper to Lee Trundle to Flo Lloyd-Hughes to Cold War Steve—telling us about their favourite football shirts.

….and let’s see what magCulture has to say,

Mundial #29

190 x 260 mm, 98 pages
London, UK
First published 2014
Editor-in-chief: Dan Sandison
Art director: Alex Mertekis

Our favourite football mag, back on the magCulture shelves! Having resigned themselves to a digital-only future as the pandemic struck, the Mundial team was taken over by online publisher Footballco in 2022 with the express aim of relaunching the print edition. This is their eighth issue since the relaunch last summer, and it’s the Kits Special!

On the cover, it’s the odyssey of Ruud Gullit, orange-clad football hero from the Netherlands. Then, find a retrospective on Hackney Women’s FC – the first openly gay club in Europe – a photo-essay of kits on the frontlines, confessions of a bootleg shirt baron, and much more. 

On the Journal:
At work with editor Dan Sandison as they plot their return, ‘We’d had quite a few offers from weird and wonderful organisations to buy us out over the years, and we’d pretty consistently turned them down. This felt different though, they were publishers and football people. We got on.
‘Fast forward six months and we are working on a magazine for the first time in about three year…. It’s been a long time in the making, and we are all made up to be back.’

So, time to shoot to Mundial and buy the quarterly magazine.


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