Spain to Norway

Charity Cycle Ride from Spain to Norway

In February 2013, I will undertake another charity cycle ride.
This time it is Marbella to Oslo.

1) I will leave Marbella on 6th Feb and arrive in Oslo on May 17th.

2) Nothing else – easy isn’t it?

OK, some more meat on the bone!


5000kms, 500 football grounds, 100 days in the saddle

1) I will leave Marbella on 6th Feb with a series of “starts” for different PR/marketing/sponsorship purposes along the Costa del Sol
2) I will cycle “direct” (via Almeriá) to be at the FC Torrevieja v Dénia game on 17th Feb. A stay of 10 days in Torrevieja is a focal point of the journey. I lived there for 7 years and have many friends and contacts there – this tour is ALL about PR/marketing/promotion/fund-raising. It is NOT about the journey. That must almost be played down.
3) I continue on through Valencia, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Gothenburg.
4) I aim to arrive in Oslo on 17th May – Norwegian National Day.

(Then MAYBE – TBC with sponsors – I will fly to England to cycle to the 4 clubs that have been promoted to the Football League since I was there in 2010. These are York, AFC Wimbledon, Crawley and Fleetwood. I would also visit Brighton’s new stadium plus the two teams that will get promoted this season) See for details of the ground on the 2010 tour. My ULTIMATE intention is to cycle from New York/Toronto to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.)


In 2009 I supported Bjørn Heidenstrøm with PR/marketing and Social Media www.bjørnheidenstrø as he cycled from Norway to South Africa. So inspired was I that I cycled to the 92 football clubs in the UK. As always I will be looking to collect football shirts along the way. Bjørn already has some 2000 shirts sewn together and this is recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest shirt of its kind in the world!. The shirt has been seen by literally millions of people throughout the world and has been signed by presidents, sports stars, pop legends and thousands and thousands of “ordinary people”. Famous clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Roma have all eagerly been involved in the project. The Shirt symbolises the family of football coming together for the common good.


We always support a charity.

I am considering AECC, Cudeca (Costa del Sol Charity) and MABS (Costa Blanca North Charity) – three Spanish cancer charities. Several local charities will also be supported.


I am hoping that CouchSurfing will prove its worth. If not, I will beg/steal or borrow beds/couches and bus-shelters. Worst case scenario – 30 euros gets a room in most of Spain. It does NOT in Scandinavia!

In Spain, I am less concerned about accommodation. I am deliberately taking the Levante route as 50% of my contacts in Spain are along the coast from Marbella to the French border (That is the major reason that I will be at least 2 weeks on the Costa Blanca and almost 6 weeks in Spain). I will be travelling SLOWLY through Spain to get maximum exposure and then much faster through France.
I will be longer in Belgium/Netherlands where I have some good friends, faster through Germany and then a nice slow 1000 kms up the West Coast of Sweden where my route is almost completed with friends/family etc)


The idea is to complete this as a crowd-funded trip. I am looking for 5,000 sponsors at 1 euro/pound/dollar. I have revenue share numbers organised in the UK and am trying to get them throughout the trip. We will take Paypal and JustGiving as well as bank transfer etc etc

I will get ONE shirt signed by every single person I meet in return for their 1 euro. I will also wear a sponsored shirt – 10 sponsors at 100 euros? I am open to proposals re sponsored caps, training equipment etc.

ANY/ALL ideas for fund-raising/sponsorship are welcome BUT (as per above) I am much more interested in getting 100 sponsors at 50 euros than one at 5000.

Sponsors will be loved and cherished. I will give them maximum exposure in ThisIsSpain, HotCosta etc and of course they will be in soon) See as to how we promote friends, supporters, sponsors etc

I normally charge 150 euros for a page in – any sponsor of (say) 50 euros + will get a free page. Any hotel etc would also get a free page.

There are unlimited fund-raising/sponsorship opportunities. Years of experience in this tells me that it is MUCH easier to get support/sponsorship “in kind”, pro bono or as pledge/endorsement rather than in hard cash. That is absolutely acceptable. Please let me have your suggestions and/or register for email updates below.


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