Simon Harris

Simon Harris – Man Behaving Dadly

Social Media Celebrity Simon AKA as “Man Behaving Dadly” wrote today of a fantastic initiative that apparently the Premier League has turned down.

” In their infinite wisdom, the Premier League has decided to block an idea from top-flight clubs to all wear away kits on Boxing Day and raise money for Shelter, a homelessness and housing support charity.

The #NoHomeKit initiative would have generated an absolute fortune for this very worthy cause, so I guess we will all just have to do something about it online instead and hopefully make them see sense!”

So, in inimitable Simon style he has set a donation link on his Facebook page to raise money for shelter. For those who don’t know Simon he is despised by Nigel Farage and other half-lives for his outstanding work for good causes including raising more than £100,000 for the RNLI. Despite the fact that Simon is an Arsenal fan, I am delighted to support him and I have offered him an Arsenal shirt to raffle to raise funds.

Please check his Facebook page to see the whole story .


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