Islington Corinthians

Around The World In 95 Games

Around The World In 95 Games

The amazing story of Islington Corinthians 1937-38 World Tour

A season-long round the world tour through Europe, India, China, Japan and the United States with 95 football matches along the way surely every footballer’s ultimate fantasy? And yet this extraordinary journey was actually undertaken, not by one of today’s super teams but more than seventy years ago by a party of British amateur footballers espousing Corinthian ideals.

Here for the first time is a full account of that astonishing enterprise, an event of real significance in the history of the sport which only now receives the recognition it deserves. Drawing on the reminiscences of members of the touring party and on contemporary press reports, this book invites a thorough re-evaluation of what was undoubtedly the greatest of the so-called ‘missionary’ tours.

But this is far more than a bare record of teams, dates and scores. The text and illustrations together form a snapshot of a different world, one which was about to be engulfed in war and disappear for ever. The players’ observations, sometimes startlingly candid, are very much of their time and provide an evocative and frequently amusing commentary on the progress of this unique odyssey.

Interesting facts about the Islington Corinthians

The Islington Corinthians’ are the only football team to be attacked by the British Army in the Khyber Pass.The Islington Corinthians’ are the only football team to be taken on an Opium Den raid by the Hong Kong Police.The Islington Corinthians’ are the only football team to be arrested for curfew violation in Japanese occupied Shanghai in 1938.The Islington Corinthians’ were entertained in Hollywood by the most famous movie stars of the 1930’s including David Niven, Victor McLagen and Hedy Lamarr.  

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