Season 2023/24

Yes, it’s that time of year again when clubs flood the market with half a dozen or more “must-have” new shirts. I suppose I am getting a bit cynical but when I see “Goalkeeper’s Third Shirt Europa Conference League Special” when the club did not venture above the half way line in the table I wonder whether it is time to say, “Enough is Enough” or “Basta Ya” in the case of Real Madrid or Barcelona. The other irritant is the move to producing leisure wear rather than easily-identified football kit. There was a day when it was red against blue. Now most clubs seem to have every colour under the rainbow and I wonder whether we will still associate Manchester United and Liverpool with the colour red in the years to come or will they be more famous for a sky blue pink tiger-print! So, for better or worse, here are a few of this season’s “efforts!”

Arsenal even launch a “new” pre-match shirt.

Yes, Wolves have a new Keeper’s Away Shirt!

Spurs allowing you to personalise the Shirt!

AS Roma claim immodestly that their away shirt is “a piece of art” – so it should be at 100 euros. I’d want it signed by Banksy, Van Gogh and Van Nistelrooy for that price!


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