Liverpool Football Club Women’s Kits

Liverpool FC Women’s Kit

As you might imagine, the Liverpool FC Women’s kit has not garnered as much attention or documentation as that of the men’s team. However, similar to the men’s team, Liverpool FC Women traditionally wear a kit that featured the club’s iconic red. The design and details of the kit have evolved over time, reflecting changes in fashion and advancements in sports apparel in general. The exact details of the earliest Liverpool FC Women’s kits aren’t as well known, given the fact that women’s football received less recognition and coverage in the past.

In recent years, however, as women’s football has gained increased prominence, there has been more focus on documenting and promoting the history of women’s teams, including their kits. Since the club merged with the men’s team in 1994, the women tend to have worn the same kit design as the men, with the main difference being the shape of the outfit. As you might imagine, this has been altered in order to better fit the body of a woman. There have also been occasions in which the main sponsor on the shirt has been different for them women, in an attempt to target a specific demographic.

The Avon Sponsorship

When it comes to interesting information about the Liverpool Women’s kit, there is perhaps no story worth telling quite like the one concerning the sponsorship from Avon. In 2017, Avon, the cosmetics company, decided to sponsor the ladies team and, in doing so, became the first female-focussed brand to sponsor a professional women’s football team. They signed a three-year deal to do so, replacing Standard Chartered, who were the men’s sponsors at the time. It was the first occasion in which the women’s team had a shirt sponsor independent of the one that sponsored the men.

The Avon-sponsored kit was worn for the first time on the 23rd of April 2017, which was when they kicked-off their Women’s Super League Spring Series campaign with a match against Yeovil Town Ladies. Billy Hogan, the Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer for Liverpool Football Club at the time, said, “Avon is an iconic women’s brand with a rich history and shares the same core values as Liverpool Ladies Football Club.” This was backed by the General Manager of Avon UK, Andrea Slater, who hoped that the sponsorship would ‘inspire and create a world with more empowered women’.

Standard Chartered Took Back Over

When Avon signed the deal to become the sponsors of the Liverpool Women team, the hope was that it would be the beginning of an attempt to tap in to a relatively ignored market: that of women’s sports sponsorships. The problem is, as soon as companies see that there is a market for sponsorship, the likelihood is that other businesses are going to want to get involved. The success of Avon’s sponsorship of the Liverpool FC Women’s team meant that Standard Chartered, the main sponsors of the men’s team, realised that they were making a strategic error in not sponsoring them themselves.

In July of 2019, therefore, a decision was taken to become the Main Club Partner for Liverpool Football Club Women. This saw their sponsorship move to the front of the shirt and brought then in-line with the men’s team. The agreement, they said, showed ‘Standard Chartered’s views on the importance of women’s football’. It came on the back of the Women’s World Cup, which received unprecedented global attention and caused the company to realise that there was mileage in sponsoring both the men and the women. Only the future will tell if that importance remains in place.


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