Rant Of The Day

I was sent the weekly newsletter from FC Barcelona today. I can’t claim to be a supporter as I am a huge fan of Real Madrid but always read the updates.

Today I was pretty appalled to see the price of the match shirts for this week’s El Clásico. (The biggest game in the Spanish calendar – a Real Madrid v Bracelona fixture.) Tragically because of Covid it will again be behind closed doors
but the eyes of Spain and much of the football world will be on the match.

145 euros for the adult shirt and 70 euros for the kid’s shirt. That is approx. £125 and £60 at today’s exchange rates. Am I alone in thinking that is an obscenity (un abuso in Spanish)?

Everyone makes their own choice what they spend their money on but, from my personal point of view that pricce cannot be justified!

Rant over – enjoy the game!

145 euros – ouch!

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