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The Way We Were – The shirts in Sky’s First Season

Random Shirts – Random Thoughts.

Well, it’s been 20 weeks since l had the Cardiac Arrest and l have had plenty time to think. So here is a little collection of random thoughts about shirts.

145 euros – £120

I wrote last week about the obscenely-priced one-off Barcelona shirt for the league match against Real Madrid. The 120 pounds price-tag seemed outrageous to me. At the same time, my thoughts went to some of the other wierd and wonderful shirts across the world. Gone are the days when Liverpool were in red other for a clash of colours. Likewise, Chelsea would be in blue, Manchester United in red and Manchester City in light blue. Now, it seems that any excuse to play in lilac or turquoise with green trimmings (probably fluorescent!) is a good one. Why? To sell more 2nd and 3rd kits…. and keep the sponsors happy!

Caversham United – Balls to Cancer

Obviously sometimes the reasons for a new, second or special kit are laudable. I liked Caversham United’s kit to raise money for Balls to Cancer. (Buy here.) I respect the fact that they have made the charity the main sponsors for this season and wear a very smart kit. I also respect Sevilla’s attempt to highlight the plight of local cucumber growers with their (in)famous cucumber logos. La Hoya of Lorca took the love of agriculture to the nth degree with a shirt covered in images of broccoli.

Then we have the case of Milan this week who tried to launch a 4th kit. Naughty! Serie A banned it which immediately made it a collectors’ item!

I refuse to even comment or show this season’s zebra abomination by Manchester United. Whilst the centenary kit divided opinion, surely Sir Matt Busby and Tommy Docherty must be turning in their graves. I don’t think l have disliked a shirt so much since “that” Coventry Chocolate crime against humanity.

Manchester United – “Proper” colours
The Centenary Shirt that launched a Movement
Coventry City – “Universally Despised”
Caversham United – Stylish Kit

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