Master The Green

It is always good to hear from our friends at FATJOE. Today they are not talking about football, but rather golf! I thought you would enjoy this too.

The game of golf is beautiful in its simplicity, but it’s not as straightforward as it looks on the TV. It takes lots of patience and plenty of skill in order to master it. It takes a lot of patience and plenty of school just to get the basics right sometimes. Once you get things going, it can be an extremely satisfying sport. Walking around a golf course in the summer with your friends it’s something that most of us should experience at least once in life. It’s great exercise, and you feel wonderful once it’s done. It can be both challenging and relaxing at the same time, weirdly. 

When it comes to the golf challenge, a lot of people give up very quickly because they feel as though they won’t be able to adapt to what’s necessary. There are so many ways we can all elevate our golf game, however. Here are just a few is it can be done:

Always Work On The Perfection Of The Swing 

A lot of people like to run before they even walk when it comes to golf. It’s a brilliant game, so getting out on the course quickly is understandable, however. You should always make sure you improve the quality of your swing, though. There will typically always be something you can do in order to make it better. It’s not just about hitting a ball hard; making sure the technique and accuracy are there matters, too. It’s nothing a few months at a driving range can’t solve. Always remember that tedious times happen to everyone and that your potentially poor swinging isn’t out of the ordinary. 

Precise Short Game

When you think about golf, you typically only worry about being able to whack a ball very hard so that it goes very far. You still have to be precise towards the end of the hole, however. You need to ensure that you’re able to putt, lob, and chip a ball sensibly – sensibly being the operative word here. So many people overhit when they get close due to a lack of discipline. Again, this can be learned at a driving range. You can also buy a cheap hole to put in your living room in order to practice your putting technique. 

Strategic Thinking And Course Management 

It’s not just a case of hitting a ball across a field toward the pin. You have to be smart with what you are doing. Strategies come into play because of the variables that surround each course, hole, and day. You cannot always just strike the ball at the pin because there could be so many problems along the way. Sometimes, you have to take a safer approach and go the long way around. It’ll take more time but you’ll achieve a better score because of these wise moves. 

Optimize Your Game With The Right Gear
Your ability comes into it a lot of the time, but it’s amazing what the right equipment can do. If you have the right golf accessories and the perfect clubs for you, things can change significantly. There are so many instances of people upgrading their gear and having a much better time. It’s an extremely satisfying feeling knowing that your ability was plateauing simply because of the clubs you were using. You are able to hit the ball further and cleaner simply because you have a higher-quality club. Don’t be afraid to invest money in the accessories in order to make the overall experience better.


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