Manchester City Shirts

It was never my intention to do this follow up book to 101 Manchester City match worn shirts which was released in 2021, but as a passionate City match shirt collector it’s a pleasure to be able to share another part of my collection, some stories regarding the shirts and the season’s memories that they may bring.

My collection has grown considerably over the past few years, as has the hobby in general. You only have to scroll through the many social media channels to see the number of accounts now dedicated to collecting not only match worn shirts but football shirts in general. I can’t speak for other collectors but I can safely say they may well agree with me when I do say the feeling never get’s old of adding a new shirt or unearthing a real holy grail of a shirt into collection. This was the case for me during the first lockdown when after many years of trying to trace the unusual yellow away shirt that was only ever worn once by City at Arsenal on 14th October 1989, with just one set of shirts produced it has become a real holy grail of City shirts for any collection. The kit was hastily given away by then City director Freddie Pye, following our 4-0 defeat, and the instructions of Chairman Peter Swales who demanded that the kit was never to been seen again, well it was actually seen numerous times across Manchester’s Saturday and Sunday leagues when it was used by local team MMS who were managed at the time by Liam Hall. The kit was used well into the 1990’s before the side broke up, a lot of players got to keep the shirts but the majority have long been since sold on. A few have surfaced more recently but were quickly snapped up by a dealer who then sold them for huge profits. After many online requests for the shirt, convinced that there will be one still out there I was put onto a fellow blue called Billy Bell, who had found one just stored in a bag of old City shirts, just waiting to be discovered. A deal was quickly arranged with Billy, who in fairness could have sold the shirt on for much high profits but as a man of his word, he kept to our deal which I’ll be forever grateful. A courier was quickly arranged to be sent to collect the shirt which I’m thrilled to have in the collection as there certainly aren’t to many, if anymore out there. 

Manchester City have played, and still do to this day, a huge part of my life, as many football fans will tell you, our clubs were our first real love, the ones we can forgive no matter what they throw our way. City have certainly tested that unconditional love over the 40 years I have supported the club, although the past 15 years or so have been pretty incredible to say the least. In February 2023 I was kindly invited by the club to take part in the 2023/24 season kit launch where I spent the day in and around the first team while featuring in the official home fans and players photo shoot along with the likes of Jack Grealish, Erling Haaland, Riyad Mahrez and former City goalkeeper Alex Williams. I also spent time with our current kit manufactures Puma talking about kit designs and ideas while showing them a collection of match shirts we have worn over the years, the day was topped off when I was introduced to legendary Oasis singer Noal Gallagher who was filming a piece using my shirts, another honour for me and I was delighted to be able to present him with a copy of my first book, for the record Noel’s favourite City shirt is the 86-88 black & red chess board chequered style. A big thank you to Paul Mulholland and City for making a brilliant day of memories to be treasured.

With just over 600 shirts now in the collection I hope the book will spark some memories of days gone by, some you may want to forget and some you will never forget.

You can order a copy direct from Mark which can include a signed dedicated message of choice which will make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for any blue.


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