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Karen Considine

Penelope’s Route

Now, I know this feature is not about football but sometimes I read a story of a fellow adventurer and think, “wow.” I can’t claim to be a horserider but I could absolutely see me doing this – with not a football shirt or stadium in sight. In 1961 the intrepid Penelope Chetwode borrowed a mare, and set off on an adventure into the remote backlands of Spain. Her subsequent book “Two Middle-Aged Ladies in Andalusia” was given to me by my mother for my 15th Birthday. For 52 years I held onto the dream of retracing her steps, and in 2019 I rallied my courage and my two horses and off we set.

Penelope’s Route is an account of my journey across the same trails, mountains, plains and villages some sixty years later. In essence it’s an account of adventure on horseback; but it also examines the historical evolution of Spain’s rural communities. On my travels I meet some of the same people as Penelope, who remember her unique character and unusual expedition, but had no idea she had immortalised them in writing.

The English version of my book “Penelope’s Route” was published on 28th August 2020. You can order a copy here dream and my promise to the Andalusians who became my friends along the way is that they too can read my book in Spanish as “La Ruta de Penélope”.

I am therefore calling on fellow adventurers to help me financially to fulfil this final and critical element of the project; to translate Penelope’s Route into Spanish and fund its publication in Spain. Without the kind generosity of so many families and Town Halls who welcomed me and helped me in moments of crisis, the adventure would have been a non-starter. I am determined to give copies of the book to these wonderful hosts, and would be so grateful for your financial support in helping me achieve this.

Any contribution you are able to make in the name of adventure, culture, history and friendship will be deeply appreciated. Please click here for further details.


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