2020-2021 Continued

Brentford Away

Brentford Home
West Ham Home
West Ham Away
West Ham Third
Manchester United Third

Above, you see two third choice kits – West Ham’s and an absolute hideous monstrosity from Manchester United. It made me think yet again about the obscene commercialism of the kit business. Many teams now have three kits, marketed in the sure and certain knowledge that the third choice will rarely if ever be worn. Some teams even have “cup” kits to be worn in European games etc. I leave it to the reader to muse as to whether they want to spend over £200 on 3 or 4 shirts. Then, of course, there are the goalkeeper shirts and the “Leisure wear” shirts. Where does it end? How does the parent with two children who are massive football fans afford to buy them both all the shirts they want (not to mention the overpriced shorts and socks!)? Clubs, think long and hard. With the Covid 19 virus hitting hard, can your cash cow be milked this season?


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