How To Stay Entertained On A Road Tour


How To Stay Entertained On A Road Tour

For a crowd that appreciates lengthy road trips, and specifically “doing the 92,” it’s important to know how to get by on the road. And, with the Premier League just having kicked off and European soccer in general approaching an active season, now is the time to start planning your visits to some stadiums abroad. Of course, the football itself ought to keep you pretty busy, and greatly entertained. But the fact is, when you’re out and about in foreign territory you need other things to keep you entertained as well – as much as we all wish we could watch football 24/7, that’s just not the case! So here are a few ways to stay entertained on the road.

Find Cultural Attractions
The worst thing you can do on a sports road trip or cycling tour is focus only on the sports! Sure, getting to the stadiums might be your priority, and in certain situations it’s all you have time for. But try to find some great local restaurants, stores, attractions, events, etc. so that you can also take in some of the surrounding area. Whether you use Yelp or try, there are plenty of easy mobile sources for finding these kinds of cultural gems.

Rock An Infinite Playlist
Sounds obvious, right? If you’re cycling miles at a time, you probably already thought of throwing on some headphones and listening to good music. But one fun way to go about this specifically is to work out an infinite playlist. This could mean a number of things. My personal favorite is just to throw on Pandora and let it run (it’s not perfect but it’s easy to get lost in). You could also simply listen to your whole iTunes library on shuffle, or, another favorite, load up on a bunch of new albums from bands you like and listen to new music the whole trip.

Bet On League Matches
When you’re on the road, pedaling toward an exciting new stadium, it’s easy to focus entirely on the match in front of you. But that’s just not maximizing your enjoyment of the leagues in play! Visit from time to time (or use their mobile apps) to place bets on other league games, and you’ll be surprised at how connected you feel. You don’t have to drop a ton of cash, but doing this keeps you involved with the whole league, even as you set your sights on a particular match.

Start A Blog
Many people don’t like the idea, but if you’re starting your own trip or tour, go ahead and set up a simple blog for it. Your friends can follow your travels, you can write about your experiences, and you’ll always have a record of the event. Plus, it gives you something to do if you’re by yourself and have down time on the road. Consider Blogger or WordPress, as both are pretty straightforward for the basics.

This is a guest post by Derrick Hill. Derrick is a cycling enthusiast and football fanatic, and contributes to various personal blogs.


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