Day 80

Pirelli Stadium, Burton on Trent

Disappointment at Burton Albion.

Today was possibly the most disappointing day of the tour. I cycled from just outside Nottingham to Burton Albion and despite calls I had made in the morning I was not allowed access to their stadium. I heard various excuses about, “it should have been organised in advance” and the words “safety officer” were bandied about but the bottom line is that I could not get in. So a 40 mile round trip in vain. When I think of the superb support the project has had from clubs like Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Everton, Valencia, Barcelona and Burton’s near neighbours Derby County, Notts County, Nottingham Forest etc I wonder who they think they are. First they made no response whatsoever to my letter of introduction and then they start shuffling as to whose responsibility it is at the club. I have no less than five names! Anyway, Burton Albion you have missed a PR opportunity that other clubs from the Chesterfield and Hartlepools to the Liverpool and Barcelonas have squeezed. End of. I cycled straight on to Leicester and got myself booked into a nice room much earlier than I expected!

The artwork above is from my artist friend Dave Baldwin from Papilios Creative 
Check his website for hundreds of great watercolours of the UK stadiums. 


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