Day 79

Two BNI Meetings In One Day

Yes, even given my evangelism for BNI I almost overdosed today! Firstly it was Two Valleys Chapter who meet at the Novotel in Long Eaton and secondly it was off up the road to a lunchtime chapter at Ripley, BNI Parkside. The juxtaposition was quite interesting as there were two chapters of similar numbers and two excellent meetings ……but very different ones. It just shows the strength of the BNI organisation that the individual chapters can give the agenda their unique style. I could not fail to comment on the 10 minute presentation by Gary Bullock at Parkside. Very amusing, very informative and it included a ferret and a beautiful hawk! Yes, I kid you not, we had a live ferret and a majestic but noisy hawk! I’m just awaiting the photos to prove it. Thanks to Consumate Networker (better than Notable Networker!) Jason Smith the local executive director for organising both my invitations.

Just to re-inforce the power of BNI, they got me pitchside at Pride Park, Derby which became ground 55. After all the help that BNI have given me it was again wonderful to reciprocate in a small way and it was great to have Jason and BNI stalwart, Sara Gration with me at the ground. Sara is a HUGE Derby County fan and was delighted to welcome me to “her” stadium. Thanks and best of luck to all at Derby County this season.

I was also delighted to meet Kim Kimberley at Parkside. (Any relation to Gary and Phil’s father Nev Neville?) Her son, Leigh Timmis is currently cycling around the world!! Please check his site and say hi to somebody who I am sure could teach me a lot about how I should be cycling! I wish Leigh every success as you continue through Croatia and straight ahead …….. for the next 2 years! Lycka till, te deseo mucha suerte and all the luck in the world in whichever language he likes!


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