Day 64

It has been a great day with some real highlights.

1) Martin at Facchini Cycles gave me an allen key

2) I met John and Mark from It was tremendous to meet and goes down as a real highlight of the whole tour. TOP GUYS,

3) I went to a great BNI meeting at Vision Hartlepool. As good as it gets.

4) Ecademist Stuart McMullen has offered me a bed in his beautiful house in Durham City for tonight,

5) Neil from BNI Vision has offered me his spare cycle jacket and has made efforts to get it to Thornaby tomorrow. (3 days in driving rain wearing only football shirts was NOT a highlight

6) Stuart Drummond the mayor of Hartlepool called me to give me a super endorsement and to offer the best wishes of all the citizens of his town

7) Had a great visit to club 39 Hartlepool United. On to pitch, local press etc etc!

8) Middlesbrough confirmed a timed visit to their club on Friday (Kindly organised by BNI Fortress’ Matt Sibley) That will be the Big 40!

9) Ecademist Claire Jarrett kindly sponsored four days’ expenses.

10) Ecademist Keith Whitney has offered a room in Hereford next month.


3 Responses to “Day 64”

  • Was great to see you and cycle to one of the 92 with you! You now have a blog post on our website all about you and your efforts. Thanks Steve! Check it out here:

  • Steve Hall:

    Absolute pleasure to see you and Jon! We had a great day despite the weather didn’t we?

    The worthy burghers of Hartlepool may not have offered much in the way of sunshine but they made up for that in hospitality and friendship.

    I was excited to hear of the next part of your project but my lips are sealed!

  • […] As I said, the other day, it’s always good to be in touch with any Friends of The Shirt project. Today I got an email from the guys at Bloodrun. By complete coincidence this very week I was in M and was regally hosted at their impressive stadium and of course met Mark and John. […]

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