Day 63

DAY 63 Back on the road!

In Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham. Feels good to be on the road again (despite the driving rain) and I am looking forward to making progress south. Four BNI breakfasts this week – Tynemouth, Bishop Auckland, Dalton Piercy and Thornaby.

There are also Middlesbrough and Hartlepool Football Clubs to visit. That will make 40 of the clubs completed and will finish the first half of the 92 by next week. Then I’m on my way “home”.

BUT before I knock off the grounds I have to be sensible and realise I am not 100% fit yet so I was very grateful for an early night before the Fortress meeting.

I had heard a lot about this chapter and from the minute I walked through the door I was impressed. As I write this (day 63), BNI Fortress gets my vote as the best chapter I have visited….bar none. Yes, there have been several excellent chapters and chapters like Wallington and Chariots were bigger but I think Fortress has the edge. Everything was impressive – from the room lay-out, to the slick manner in which breakfast was served, to the way that visitors were treated, to the quality and number of referrals. Not only that but the Chapter Director, Phil Graham, had arranged for a professional photographer to be present to capture my visit for posterity, for a representative of Bishop Auckland FC to say, “hi” and for the local radio station to interview me. Respect!

Fortress Chapter, Bishop Auckland


4 Responses to “Day 63”

  • Janice Westfall:

    Oh Steve..Thank God for this piece of news. All the best..take care of yourself!! Write when you have a moment. All the best

  • Steve Hall:

    Yes, on the mend. Talking it easy with short trips. Trying to say on the bike and NOT on the road this time!

  • Hi!!!! when is the finshin date ? and when do you land in Nooooorway?

  • Steve Hall:


    Looks like 14th/16th September and I’ll be in the land of your fathers shortly after that. How does it feel not to be cycling every day? I’m not looking forward to that!


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