Day 33

Today is NOT World Refugee Day but let us not forget the 45 million refugees who all still need our help on the other 364 days each year. Thanks.

I was delighted to get an email from Graham Perry today who is continuing to assist long after I passed through Birmingham. Thanks, Graham.

“The offical Aston Villa shirt donated by Lorna last week is on its way to The Shirt Basecamp in Tyne & Wear tomorrow (Monday 21st June)

I managed to take it along to St Pauls Club (where I am a member) business lunch last Wednesday where the head of the table allowed me 2 minutes to address all 40 + members and guests and tell them about your mission. I received a hearty round of applause and many good wishes which I pass on to you now. St Pauls Club is the oldest private members club in Birmingham and is now 151 years old.

After the lunch, I then took off to see two businessmen from Emeny Turley Partnership Ltd. They have been customers of mine for over 3 years and enjoy their football.
Bob is a Villa fan and Mark a Birmingham City fan – I managed to get 5 minutes with them and asked them to sign the shirt. Bob then said to me that he would “pay money” to see Mark sign the shirt which he did when he realised what was behind my reason for asking them. Great banter continued between them and the staff at which point I decided to slip out of the office and away before mayhem broke out! :o)”

This is JUST the kind of support we need for the project. People continuing to assist after Björn or I have passed through……and people having “fun” with the project.

Here is a photo to keep one of them happy!

DAY 33 – Part 2

Hi again,

As you know, I am now in Preston, Lancs. Today I visited Preston North End, collected a shirt and have now clocked up 25 grounds ….only 67 to go! Preston was a bit off route for this week but I wanted to squeeze in another important event. I am sure the extra miles will be worth it!

The main reason, I changed my route is that Nigel Botterill is in Preston tomorrow and he has kindly offered me a ticket to his presentation. Now, he is a man I would pay a LOT of money to see (even from my refugee budget!) so I was delighted to “snap his hand off” at that offer. So, a few extra miles but I know his inspiration will be worth it.

I also want to thank Colin from TheBestofPreston for all his help. I’ll be adding more later about Colin and the whole of The Best Of organisation but initially let me thank him for putting me in contact with Martin at Higher Walton. My brake cable had snapped and despite my best efforts I could not repair it. Martin saw that I was in a mess could have charged me a fortune and kept me waitings days but, no, he dropped everything and repaired it on the spot. RESECT and thanks to both Colin and Martin. Martin’s shop is on the main road through Higher Walton and well worth a visit!


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