Day 32

Today was an important day. I had no appointments, only a 3 mile ride and a hotel provided by The Best Of Preston. What did this mean? It meant my first real day all to myself for 30+ days.

Equally it meant that I could reflect on the first month, take stock and plan for the next three. As importantly it meant that I could chill out, do my washing, update my blogs, twitter and Facebook. Bliss!

I also got the chance to catch up on some much-needed fund-raising as I have not been able to find the 20 GBP I need to survive very often recently. Several “sponsors” have also failed to pay the money they promised so things took a definite turn for the better today when Colchester United fan and all -round good guy Bob Burdett offered to sponsor a whole week. Thanks, Bob. It is appreciated more than you could know.

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