Day 15 …… 5 years later

Bjørn, Cornelis, Steve

Bjørn, Cornelis, Steve

Day 15 …… 5 years later

This was always going to be the most difficult day of 2015 but, boy, I had NO idea just how bad it was going to be!

If you go back to Day 15 in 2010 it was the day when, sitting in Starbucks in Richmond, I got a phone call from friends in Spain to tell me that my entire life’s possessions had gone up in flames. Yes, a storage centre blaze in Fuengirola, Spain had left me with whatever I had on my bike…..basically dirty clothes!

By absolute chance and for the first time in those five years I found out last week that I was going to be in Richmond. I decided to visit Starbucks to remind myself of that dark day. I was not looking to be melancholic. Rather, the opposite. My little way of thanking the gods and my friends for these last few years. Life has been good to me and whilst I may have lost a “few” clothes and a “few” bits of paper, I always remind myself that many, many people never had them in the first place. I have woken up every morning since I got that call to thank my gods for all I have and, especially, that I am not an Arsenal fan!

2015-06-04 17.30.46

Strange things were to happen though to change my plans. Yes, one moment I am standing at a bus stop in Twickenham and the next thing I know I am groggy and being resuscitated by a variety of first-responders, police and a passing doctor. It’s all a bit vague but, anyway, the next thing I know I am in the back of an ambulance which is two-toning it through the streets of London to ……. Well, it was not until I was in A&E at some hospital that I found it was Kingston General, in Kingston-upon-Thames. A HUGE shout out to all the staff who looked after me so well. Yes, even to Harry the porter who successfully banged me knee that was just about to be X-rayed. Sorry, if he heard “words I never heard in the bible.” No sweat, 3 days later, I’m on the mend. There’s nothing broken and I’ll be back out to meet the world full on tomorrow again. I have a HUGE respect for all these guys. I wish there was something I can do to repay the numerous times they have patched me up. Let’s send a thought to them all working 24/7 to keep us on this planet!

2015-06-04 20.21.54

All this did not stop me going back to Starbucks where I received that fateful call. I had a cappuccino and raised my cup to all of you who have brought so much to my lives. Many of you, Sir Alex Ferguson, Del Bosque etc would not know me. Others like Cornelis and Bjørn have continued to inspire me and others have made me laugh and cry, smile and groan. Thanks all. Here’s to the next 5 years ……..although, on the 10th anniversary, I think I’ll stay in bed! THANKS, GUYS!


8 Responses to “Day 15 …… 5 years later”

  • Maybe by then you will be an Arsenal fan!
    They are looking at winning the Premiership and the Champions League!

  • Anne Quinn:

    I remember washing that laundry, was it really five years ago! Glad you are ok xx

  • Elle:

    Blimey! You’re obviously feeling a little better now – I hope that you feel MUCH better soon! E xx

  • Carl Wileman:

    Your a very good man Steve, hope your feeling very well

  • steven healey:

    Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery my friend

  • I knew none of this. I could have been feeling sorry for you every day had I known, and us BEST MATES. I must be the only mate of yours never to have entered a Starbuck Coffee House. Are you OK – it is unclear from your message. Are in the the UK, Fuengirola or Scandinava (or some other flesh pot?)

  • Sue Searle:

    Wow Steve! I didn’t know all that either. You really have been put though the mill! Your regular posts are always of interest and you have even caught my attention with the odd football discussion! 😮 A feat in itself 😀 wishing you all the best for the future and hope one day we will all meet up sonewhere 🙂 I couldn’t make it when you were on London a while back. Take care.

  • Vi:

    Hi Steve, so glad that things are getting back to normal for you….whatever normal is these days!! Hope your future plans will go well for you. Keep in touch. Hugs from us both…Vi and Philip

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