Day 12 …..5 years later


Day 12 …..5 years later

So, what I thought I would do is look back week-by-week on my tour of 2010. Yes, FIVE whole years ago. I am delighted I am still in touch with so many of those who helped and supported me back then. Thanks to your friendship over the years. By chance, this morning I saw a car company called Coys Cars. I am sure they are a GREAT company but not as great as Coys Cars from Torrevieja, Spain who supported me all those years ago and recently supported me on a 90 Day Tour of Spain Mike is a HUGE Wolves fan. They had just finished 15th in the Premier League. Chelsea had won it and Hull, Burnley and Portsmouth went down. Some things never change ….and some stay the same!

The "real" Coys Cars

The “real” Coys Cars

The first week I was mainly around London making preparations. I was let down by an insurance company that had promised to sponsor me and the company that had promised me a bike also failed to come good. So, BIG thanks to John Coupland who was my mentor, guide, coach and all-round support person that week. I stayed at his house and he introduced me to a huge number of BNI colleagues.

I started to tick the clubs off on a bike borrowed from his daughter and although Crystal Palace was a bit of a disaster (I arrived the very day it went into administration!), there was better to come at Fulham, Brentford, QPR and Chelsea. Then it was on to Barnet and Watford. Whilst I was away, John managed to secure a bike for me the whole journey and after a couple of days at friend’s homes and hostels, I was back with John and his family for the final few days.

I had my first radio interview arranged for the Friday and in many ways I considered that the “real” beginning of my journey. On Day 12 five years ago, I had no idea what was going to happen on the Thursday, of course!


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