Day 137 + 41

It was great to meet up with Andy from Ronda today. He came down to Marbella and we had a very productive three hours catching up with each other’s news. Andy is a friend from Spain who has fallen in love with the Andalucian town of Ronda. He runs a superb website about the town and its surrounding area. I encourage all who are interested in Spain to visit this. Andy was kind enough to host Bjørn and I for the day when we came through Spain last November and in his own words has been “inspired”by Bjørn. Well, many have been inspired by the bold, bald Norwegian but Andy has taken it one stage further. He is going to WALK from Rome to Ronda in 45 days next year. This is an incredible challenge as the journey is no less than 2,600 kms (more than 1500 miles) and Andy will have to cover more than 50 kms per day! I have committed to offer him any support I can and I know that every single visitor to this site will wish him well. Many I know will want to do more so I will be updating on his preparations on a regular basis. His new website will be launched very soon and I will be forwarding the details here. In the meantime he has an excellent Facebook page. Good luck, my friend.


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