Day 137 + 39

Hugs, kram och klem

Today was a red-letter day. I met Bjørn for the first time since I waved goodbye to him in Barcelona at the end of his successful journey around Spain in what seems a lifetime away but was only eleven months ago. By definition, this was the first time we were together since he finished his amazing trip from Oslo to South Africa. He looks fit and is well-rested after this amazing journey. He gave me a fantastic overview of the challenges in Africa and the media work he has undertaken since he returned. I was delighted that both Bjørn and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees consider the whole project to be a real success.

It was a real pleasure to catch up with him and to hear of his plans for the next stages of the project. Now, some are still under wraps so I will not steal his thunder but suggest that you visit on a regular basis. I will, of course, be adding details here but the most up-to-date and comprehensive information will be on his site.

It was also the day that highlighted the journeys Bjørn and I had just finished. Surprisingly there is little quality writing about Spanish football in the English language. Clive Jagger’s site has overnight gone a long way to put that right. He is a professional and FIFA-licenced football agent. He is also the only British born, fully registered football agent within the Spanish Football Federation – having taken the very challenging examinations in Spanish. His site is hosted within my friend Nick Snelling’s excellent site. So, if your interests are football or Spain you will be in for a treat. If, like me, you are a Spain aficionado AND and a football fan, you will be in your element. This site is very much a labour of love for Nick and Clive so please do send the link to anybody who you know who is interested in the “Beautiful Game” or indeed “The Beautiful Country.” We would all be grateful for that support. Thanks.


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