Day 119

Today it’s Millwall and Spurs

…….and a superb BNI lunchtime meeting in Enfield.

It was an early start but to be honest I was very glad to get out of the hostel! First stop Millwall’s new ground. As a Gillingham fan, a visit to the Den was about as anticipated as a trip to the dentist. You knew there would be a mixture of emotions and it was likely to end in pain. Well, the worst thing about the new ground is trying to find it. NEVER have been so close to a ground and had to ask so many people for directions. It really is tucked away up side streets off minor roads etc but, no problems, eventually I found it and in true Millwall “style”, it is a bit different. Different as in the car park is given up outwith matchdays to storing ambulances and other emergency and public service vehicles and the entrance is into an industrial estate. Even the exotic name, Zamba Road is different from the usual High Road or City Street etc. That said, the new ground is quite impressive and with a team doing very well in the league who knows perhaps it will be a premiership ground within a couple of seasons. Good Luck to all.

From there, ironically, I went to perhaps the easiest ground in the whole of England to find. “Cycle out of London, through Dalston, Stoke Newington, Stamford Hill, South Tottenham and the ground is well signposted on the right hand side,” would be my instructions to anybody in the centre. When you get there, you will be impressed. The challenge Spurs have is that they have nowhere really to expand so all upgrades on White Hart Lane have had to be a bit piecemeal but it’s still one of my favourite stadiums and it was good to add Spurs as stadium 86 (Millwall was, of course 85)
More good news was that West Ham have invited me pitchside and I am now discussing with their media people making it club 92 and having a bit of a “send off” there. More anon…..


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