Day 118

Arsenal on board

I had a super lunch with long-time friend John at his restaurant in Crouch End. Great restaurant, great food ….but pouring rain! Yes, England’s at its glorious best again. One minute sunshine, one minute rain. Anyway, worse things have happened to me over the past few weeks than getting wet again so it was a quick dash from Crouch End to the Emirates Stadium.

Anybody who knows me will know that I am not an Arsenal fan but I was looking forward to visiting the Emirates (Never looked forward to visiting Highbury LOL) and yes, I admit it publicly, I was impressed! There, I said it. In the interests of honesty and in line with the “inclusive” nature of the whole tour I will even repeat it. I was impressed. I can’t say I was impressed with where I stayed this night but adding Arsenal as club 84 was clearly a milestone on the trip.

Here’s an update of my plans for the next few days.

Thursday afternoon – Central London
Thursday evening NW London, Watford
Friday morning Wycombe.
Friday afternoon Reading
Saturday morning Aldershot
Saturday afternoon Weybridge
Sunday, TBC
Monday TBC
Tuesday morning/afternoon Ecademy Black Star Day, Paddington
Tuesday evening Central London
Wednesday West Ham, Dagenham, Leyton
Thursday morning Chiswick
Thursday evening Launch of the Ecademy Digital School, Victoria,
Friday Barnet, Enfield
Saturday morning Bromley
Saturday afternoon Stansted.

So, if anybody would like to meet for a 121 at any time in the next few days the diary is
I repeat, ” Shout if you wish to meet….especially if you want to sponsor a day or give me two hours’ work delivering leaflets, cold canvassing, door-knocking or doing anything a refugee has to do to survive!
A bed. sofa. Wendy House would also be appreciated in Central London or Reading as would a professional massage and a haircut!

HUGE THANKS to all who followed me. I’ll be blunt – without the support of you all this whole four months would NOT have been possible. Who should I thank “most”? (Mmmm, there’s an immediate problem – it’s invidious to name names! I should perhaps just say, thanks to all who have supported me in ANY way.) ”

THANKS …just reading this blog and supporting me from afar is a huge help!


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