Arton Baleci The Cancer Man

Hot on the heels of “The Art of the Con”, Arton sent me a press release for his latest book. I think many will like it!

 “I first wrote part of this story as a script in 2019. It gnawed away at my mind since, so I had to finish it. Honestly, I knew from the start I’d have to.

It’s inspired by characters I met long, long ago when I spent some time around the personal development industry. It’s a hypnotic psychological thriller about the investigation of a man who claims to be able to cure cancer through nothing more than talking.

If you’re fascinated by Derren Brown (I met him briefly when I was 18, a story I may tell you at some point), or have enjoyed films like MagnoliaTranceNightmare AlleyRed Lights, and The Manchurian Candidate, I really think it’s for you.

I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of hours went into it, but I’m proud of it (it takes a lot for me to say that), and its had great feedback from its advanced readers.

As an independent author, it’s really important it gets a strong start out of the blocks. If Amazon sees a book is selling well at its launch, it will use its considerable powers to actively promote it and will also give little authors like me cheaper advertising options.

That said, if you like the look of it for yourself or as a gift (Christmas isn’t too far away) for people you know who’d like this sort of story, pick up a copy or three.

It’s currently only £2.99 for the eBook (that may go up in the next few days), the paperback is £11.99, and it’s also available on Kindle Unlimited.

If you’re intrigued by the topics I mentioned above, I truly believe you’ll enjoy it.

Any support you can show, whether it’s buying, reading, or telling others about it in person or on social media, would be greatly appreciated.”

Get your copy here

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