Weaver Pitch TV

Weaver Pitch TV

The press? Pundits? Nowt but pretenders, mate.

Feeling like football fans weren’t being served by the media, die-hard Weavers fan Normzy – a man with a penchant for chatting foul-mouthed madness – created the fan TV channel ‘Weaver Pitch TV’ with his best mate, Ebz.

After years of them posting videos to tumbleweed receptions whilst following their team in the lower leagues, the Weavers have hit the big time and the duo’s channel has too.

Viewers. Notoriety. Fan TV groupies. Normzy wants it all. And now he has a taste of it, is there anything he won’t say or anybody he won’t p*ss off to get it?

Weaver Pitch TV is a wild, tasteless joyride through the trials and tribulations of a football fan TV legend in the making; not to be undertaken by those with an easily-offended disposition.

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