Thanks to all

It has been a hectic few days and as well as training, packing and generally making myself ready for the next four months on the road, I have been seeking “sponsors” and “friends”. It is clear that we live in very troubled times and finding anybody to fund the project has proven impossible. I have not even found anybody who will loan me a bike. However, I have found a number of people who are helping me in an intangible way.

It is always invidious to name name but a number of people quite simply have to be thanked publicly. I have deliberately not put them in any particular order as they are all equally important

1) Pete Clark who is hosting this site
2) Staysure Insurance who have kindly offered to insure me.
3) Glowmark a terrific security product.
4) The Best Of a national company promoting “The Best”
5) Simon Ellinas who has very kindly agreed to do as caricature (as below) to all who become “sponsor of the day”

Guys, I thank you all profusely. Without you this trip would have been impossible. Period. It would be great if all my supporters checked out the sites above to see whether you could have need for their products and services.

Thanks again to all above but I really need everyone’s help and I would ask you whether you would consider becoming the sponsor of the day at just 20GBP. For that you get a guarantee of a minimum 2 hours work from me. Tell me what you want and I will try to assist.

My thought is that for my 20 GBP expenses, I should do two hours work for the sponsor of the day. It could be delivering leaflets, setting up a blog, doing cold calls or door-knocking, training a sales force, showing you how to save money on your phone bills (that should save you the 20 many times over!), washing your car, digging your graden, teaching you English, Spanish or Swedish.

My most “valuable” contribution? We could do a 1-2-1 and when I get to know you I could go through my contact lists (virtual and IRL) and hand-pick 4/5 people to introduce you to. Who wants an intro to Virgin Group or some of the football clubs? Who wants an intro to a quality twitter coach or NLP practicioner? Who wants a free holiday in Spain? Who wants their web-site tidied? Who wants a professional logo? I have the contacts for most things…… Pretty much anything in fact!

I am also looking for accommodation sponsors. If you know of a hotel or hostel that will give me a room, I would be grateful. I am happy to pay for all food and drink at any hotel that offers me a room for a night or more. I am particularly looking for assistance in London, the S.West, Yorkshire and the E.Midlands. Again for the hotel I will offer two hours’ work in the hotel or as per above.


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