Ecademy BlackStar Day

Ecademy BlackStar Day

One of the benefits of membership of Ecademy BlackStar is the regular Old Style Black Star days hosted and organised by Andrew Horder. I was privileged to attend at the very end of my tour and do a presentation of the various facets of the journey. Some of the members I met included:

Andrew Horder himself with his very interesting and affordable Opportunity Matrix

Graham Jeffery Strategy Consultant
Ray Derkacz Programme and Project Management
Mindy Gibbins-Klein International Speaker and Thought Leadership Strategist
Nick Heap
Almira Ross Independent Consultant with Arbonne

David Holroyd-Doveton Promotional goods, print and design

Sangeeta Haindl PR & Media Consultant
Sue Richardson Sue Richardson Assocs
Phillip Khan-Panni Speaker and Author
John Cassidy a superb photographer.

Anthony Madigan For free writing advice that’s short and sweet.
 Mike Turner who promises to make music fun

Dave Clarke is a man you ought to know if you are interested in doing (more) business in the UK. His motto is, “Connect, collaborate and grow.”

Demos Fiouri is a man after my own heart. A HUGE soccer fan whilst he is not working as a web professional. Top guy!

Clive Jukes from Talking Radio who does what it says on the can.

Mark Perl is another great “connector”. Are you connected with him?

Colin Newlyn for all things solar ….. and a West ham fan.

Last but by no means least there was Eva Davies
with intelligent gadgets and consumer electronics that are actually useful.

Thanks to you all for making my welcome so special.

All in all it was an excellent day and I intend to return soon to attend another.


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  • It was great to see you Steve, and to hear your inspiring talk. Big congratulations on achieving so much for refugees around the world and for getting through such a gruelling endeavour! I will be in touch as promised about Room to Read.

    Sue x

  • Steve Hall:

    Thanks, Sue. I am very interested to learn more about the Room to Read project.

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