Even before I started I received much help from Ecademy and this was a Press Release that their official PR Agency kindly penned for me.

In the financial downturn businessman says “Get on your bike and meet business people”

Steve Hall is a man on a mission and what a task he has set himself. Steve will be cycling to all the 92 football league clubs in England and Wales between May and September 2010 as he combines both charitable work and business networking.

Hall, who has lived in Spain for 10 years is currently based in Spain, decided to undertake the challenge after pledging to help his great friend and former professional footballer Bjorn Heidenstrom on his mission to cycle from Oslo to South Africa to raise awareness of the world’s 45 million refugees who have no home and little hope.

In order to raise awareness Hall is not looking to raise money but instead wants the support of English and Welsh football teams as he cycles round their clubs collecting shirts. These, along with those collected by Bjorn will be sewn together to form the world’s biggest ever shirt which will be on display during the World Cup in South Africa this summer.

The Guinness Book of Records have been advised and Steve and Bjorn have already received massive support from FIFA, UEFA and hundreds of clubs from the VERY biggest (Barcelona, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool etc) to the most humble level 7 clubs in hamlets in deepest Latvia have donated shirts and created awareness

The trip also has another very important aim for Hall. After joining business social networking site Ecademy four years ago, Hall has also decided to utitlise the power of social media and the networks it creates in order to generate support and at the same time meet fellow business owners, over 1,000 to be precise.

“Although the trip is about raising awareness, I do have to cover my expenses which estimates at around £20 per day and that is where Ecademy comes in. Through the power of the network, I have been able to ask for lodgings, food, wash facilities and basic essentials to help me on my journey” says Hall. “The support I have received from members has been wonderful and I look forward to meeting many along the way”

“Within the networks there is a desire to connect for friendship, this is why they are called Social networks. Steve is a wonderful example of someone who has understood this value and shows how successful correct networking can be. Many business owners struggle with social media, treating it like some giant networking event where everyone stands around and throws business cards at one another. Treat the networks as your friend, a place that wants you to be successful, and a place where you can feel safe asking for help, telling your story, and gaining respect because of ‘who you are’ an expert, and someone who is living the dream of loving what they do” says Penny Power, founder of Ecademy. “We are proud Ecademy has been so instrumental in helping Steve to raise awareness for his cause”.

Hall will be starting his trip in London and finishing at the Ecademy cricket match in Southend on September 5th. To follow his progress please visit his website “Doing the 92” , Ecademy, FaceBook and Twitter (@doingthe92) for regular updates.

Press release courtesy of Mediajems


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